Royal PurpleAn information board near to Craster harbour was very informative:

Crastor Harbour

…an important cultural landmark within the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty…

Craster developed as a fishing village around a small natural harbour formed between the outlying rocks of Little Carr and Muckle Carr.  The traditional fishing boat of the North East Coast, the coble,  allowed Craster fishermen to survive heavy seas and negotiate a precarious landing.

Herring once formed the staple catch for the Craster fleet.  A large herring curing business became established in the village.  Curing of imported herring continues and the Craster Kipper remains a famous delicacy.  Today local boats fish for crabs, lobster and salmon.

The present harbour was constructed in 1906 in memory of Captain Craster killed in the Tibetan expedition of 1904.  The large concrete foundation at the end of the south pier formed the base of two silos used to store whinstone chippings.  Whinstone was quarried and crushed in what is now the car park.  It was then exported from the harbour, to be used for road building.


The whin sill, a igneous rock intrusion in limestone created millions of years ago, dominates the landscape and forms the crags and quarries on the East side of the Reserve.  Its grey dolerite stone appears in many other places across Northumberland, most noticeably along the Roman wall and at the coast where it forms the landscape of the Farne islands and the foundations of many castles.

The information board then provides some information on Dunstanburgh Castle.  I have my own take on that castle here.

The Harbour

View from the Cafe

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  1. Great choice for the theme. That is extremely informative

  2. JD says:

    you bought some of the famous Craster Kippers when you were there of course

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    You certainly get around, Cherie. Do you ever sleep?

  4. Ruth says:

    A lovely part of the country :)

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    Especially love how you framed the last image. Wonderful scenes!

  6. I thought of doing one on some local geology for my local area. Most everything here where caused by glaciers. But I know one area that isn’t.

    Coffee is on.