Going for a Stroll

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19 Comments CherryPie on Jan 27th 2012

19 Responses to “PhotoHunt – Fluffy”

  1. marilyn ritter says:

    Your cat perhaps?

  2. I thought we’d be seeing some fluffy cats today… That wonderer doesn’t seem to have much for you :-)
    I hope to see you next weekend at The Saturday PhotoHunt.
    … and bring something ‘Flat’!

  3. Kitty on the prowl!

  4. Like a mini tiger! ;)

  5. What a little cutie!

  6. Bernard says:

    I was expecting to see not your fluffy hat , but you your fluffy Teddy Bear from Bruges. :)
    I’ve always thought cats were furry and slinky but I’m sure there are a few fluffy ones somewhere.
    Whilst I’m here CherryPie, have you received your latest NT Magazine?
    In the latest copy is a fantastic old map of the centre of Birmingham from around 1700. It looks like a village. :o
    Some of the roads have the same names, (ie Bull Street) and it looks as if the Cathedral was right out on the edge.
    Wish I could get a print.

    • CherryPie says:

      I think of cats a furry too, but the it was the nearest thing I could think of to fluffy!! I never thought of those bears that I am always posting, I do still have some photos of them in reserve!! Silly me…

      I have got the magazine but not had a chance to read it. I just looked and found the map, it does look a lot smaller than it is today. I will see if I can get a decent scan of the page for you. I haven’t tried with my new printer/scanner (Christmas present after my previous printer broke).


      • Bernard says:

        Thanks for the offer Cherie, but I actually meant I would like to catch sight of the whole map, including the bits they had chopped off.
        I’ll have a search around on the web. Thanks :)

  7. Marcie says:

    Too sweet! He looks like a miniature tiger!

  8. Sunnyironman says:

    I just came back from vacation
    and see the fluffy cutie.

    Have a nice day!

  9. Annie says:

    Nice photo of this handsome tabby cat.