The Moon Through my Window

Dramatic Moon

This hand held shot (it was a bit late at night to be messing with a tripod) was taken on my camera’s Black and White setting. Apart from a little cropping to remove a reflection of the kitchen lights, the first photo has no other editing done to it. The second one I cropped and lightened up a bit.

20 Comments CherryPie on Mar 3rd 2012

20 Responses to “The Moon Through my Window”

  1. Jan says:

    I love these! The tree seems to have reached out it’s branches to try and capture the moon itself!

  2. Excellent shot! I’d love to know how you did that, whenever I try to take shots of the moon they always come out looking very grey…

  3. Ghostly and quite eerie!

  4. Andrew S says:

    Nice. There is always something very atmospheric about the moon seen through branches.

  5. Claude says:

    Fantastic photos! A Wuthering Heights atmosphere. I hope Heathcliff does not knock at your door.

  6. Did you see the meteor?!

  7. Steve Hayes says:

    Very nice! Would make a good book cover!

  8. Barbara says:

    Had not thought of trying a night time photo with black and white. Interesting picture.

  9. james higham says:

    Ah, now that really is something – but better in winter.

  10. J’adore l’ambiance de ce cliché. Une photo terriblement et étrangement belle !!! ;-)

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