I am back to work tomorrow and I wonder where the weekend has gone, it didn’t feel much like Easter…

A friend was celebrating a special birthday over the Easter weekend and (he and his partner) invited friends round for a celebratory buffet at around 6pm on Easter Sunday (the traditional time my family share Easter celebrations together).  The birthday isn’t their only celebration, they are getting married next weekend and I am sooo excited for them :-)

Now getting back to my point – Easter didn’t feel much like Easter…  Easter Sunday was celebrated on Saturday and the Sunday birthday celebrations felt like a Saturday!!  Now Easter Monday is nearly over and it FEELS like Easter Sunday…

I will be in shock when I have to go into work tomorrow!!

Now getting back to my weekend…

One of the things I did was visit St Andrew’s Church near Wroxeter after my failed attempt last year:

Afterwards I decided to make the short walk to St Andrew’s church in the nearby village.  It has an interesting history and it is a long time since I visited.  At one stage I was in danger of getting knocked over by an oncoming vehicle whose driver only slowed the vehicle down and came to a halt when the driver of another vehicle coming in the other direction slammed his brakes on and pulled to one side.  The first driver clearly hadn’t noticed me until then!  I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and retreated back to the ruins.  I will visit the church another day by car.

This time I was accompanied by Mr C, we made it to the church (by car) without any problems… But on entering the Church, we found that two birds (Rooks) had got themselves trapped inside the Church…

This caused us both distress, and doors were opened to let the birds fly free.  One did quite quickly… The birds were calling to each other from different places and the second one didn’t know how to fly free from the church…  Until the last moment, that moment was quite beautiful :-)

I still don’t have any decent photographs of the Church because whilst I was visiting Powis Castle last week I had inadvertently pressed a button on my camera that made all my subsequent photos (over exposed) less than ideal…

I need to make the journey to St Andrew’s again ;-/ :-)

11 Comments CherryPie on Apr 9th 2012

11 Responses to “My Easter Weekend”

  1. JD says:

    back to work = back to normal?

    small alteration needed to your tags-

  2. Ellee says:

    How lovely to have a wedding to look forward to. My Easter flew by too. I hope to start visiting lovely historic homes and beautiful gardens very soon again.

  3. ....peter:) says:

    So you had no photos of St. Andrews church to show us Cherie… but you got to see the Rooks joined together outside again… i am sure that the church will still be there for a while longer:)

    Penny and i had somewhat of the same sort of Easter weekend as you did… it was our youngest grandchild’s fifth birthday on Friday… Penny make him a Mario Brothers cake that he said was just the BEST CAKE EVER… then there was a party at the bowling alley on Saturday with his classmates… on Easter Sunday… Penny and i had a quiet dinner at home… the first time in thirty some years…and we got to watch the final round of The Masters Golf tournament together… we did brunch with both sons families and one of our son’s house on Monday:)
    And the best part is… we didn’t have to go back to work on Tuesday:)


    • CherryPie says:

      I do have photos of the Church, but I think I would rather wait and get some better ones. The architecture deserves better than the ones I took.

      The Rooks leaving the church and flying free was a very special moment, far more important and special than any photograph…

      It sounds like you had a really fun time :-)

      Today work was ;-)

  4. james higham says:

    Good to see you finally got there.