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The Churches Concervation Trust guide book for St Andrew’s Church at Wroxeter provides and informative introduction to both the Wrekin and Wroxeter.

The name Wroxeter appears to mean ‘fort by the Wrekin’. This hill, which is prominent for miles around, has an Iron Age fort at its crest and the Celtic name for it is thought [...]

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Just inside the front door of the church stands a huge font which is thought to be part of a Roman column. The organ was originally built by Charles Brindley in 1849, but little now remains from that date.   The knave is furnished with box pews, the pulpit is Jacobean and the altar rails [...]

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Some of you may recall that I have had two failed attempts at taking photographs of St Andrew’s Church.  On my first attempt I was nearly run over by a driver who had not noticed I was walking along the country lane.
Afterwards I decided to make the short walk to St Andrew’s church in the nearby [...]

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Still round the corner there may wait, A new road or a secret gate.
J.R.R. Tolkien

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I am back to work tomorrow and I wonder where the weekend has gone, it didn’t feel much like Easter…
A friend was celebrating a special birthday over the Easter weekend and (he and his partner) invited friends round for a celebratory buffet at around 6pm on Easter Sunday (the traditional time my family share Easter [...]

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The Villa Urbana was built using only tools and materials that were known to the Romans. The building of the town house had a 6 month deadline and was filmed for a Channel 4 television series called ‘Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day’. The villa is now on display to visitors of Wroxeter [...]

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