Hofkirche St. Leodegar

From Wiki:

The Church of St. Leodegar (German: St. Leodegar im Hof or Hofkirche St. Leodegar) is the most important church and a landmark in the city of Lucerne, Switzerland. It was built in parts from 1633 to 1639 on the foundation of the Roman basilica which had burnt in 1633. This church was one of the few built north of the Alps during the Thirty Years War and one of the largest and art history rich churches of the German late renaissance period.

In 1874 the parish church of St. Leodegar was founded and with that the church became simultaneously a monastery church and parish church, as it is today.

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  1. james higham says:

    Couldn’t be mistaken for English.

  2. ubermouth says:

    That’s some architecture !!!!

  3. This architectural style is so “German”!
    Oops, I mean “Swiss”. ;)