A Knight and His Lady?

35 Comments CherryPie on Aug 21st 2013

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  1. Indeed, his modern lady holding a camera!

  2. Claude says:

    Our friend, Andrew the Writer, would make a very interesting book out of that presentation. Although one of you would not be from Earth! Are you sure you’re one of us, Cherie?

    • Uh.. oh… Looks like Claude may be onto your secret Cherie. I suggest telling the truth while pretending it’s just a joke, a strategy that seems to allow me to get away with a lot.

      • And unless I am very much mistaken, which of course I often am, that “knight” may be the old friend we knew as Don QuiScottie. Now there is the opening for a story…

        • CherryPie says:

          Looking at that “Knight” more closely I think you are right it could be our old friend Don QuiScottie. His appearance must mean the lady is in peril!!

          Maybe Aileen has something to do with all of this…

  3. ubermouth says:

    The wood is beautiful but the carvings exquisite. It is a shame such artistry no longer exists really.

  4. ubermouth says:

    I, too, love old churches and cathedrals. I especially loved a very simple one, I think Norman, that I saw at Land’s End, Cornwall that was built in 1000 AD and Salisbury Cathedral. :)

    • CherryPie says:

      I haven’t seen the one you mention at Land’s End. I have seen Salisbury and got pictures of the outside. I didn’t go in because Mr C objected to having to pay. I will go inside next time we are there, possibly next year because I want to see Stonehenge after they have done the adjustments to the site.

  5. Altean says:

    Time portal, indeed.
    The numbers are looking interesting. ;)

  6. Altean says:

    Hope your work is productive. (;

    Yes, am better/stable now. Thanks for asking. (:

    Seems I have developed an immunity to the medicaments, but a new medicament is due next month, so there’s still some hope.

    Hope your job is OK.

    Later ;)

  7. Altean says:

    OOPs, Screwed up the smilies. ;)

    • CherryPie says:

      The work that you mean… Yes I am getting there ;-) I keep revisiting previous comments/thoughts as I read and explore, the puzzle becomes more complete. Thank you :-)

      I am glad you are more stable and I hope the new medications work for you :-)

      I wonder about your family too… has that situation stabilised?

      My job is subject to all sorts of government nonsense at the moment. The main bit of that nonsense is the selling off to the private sector as promised in the 2010 SDSR. Still working on this one too ;-)

  8. Altean says:

    if you like churches, you should visit …


    there are so many artifacts and features. The blurb says it is Church of Ireland. That may be so now, but it was designed and built by freemasons. The Semi circular end is a common feature of Templar Churches. (There were many such smaller churches further west, in remote areas, built following the templar escape from european persecution, all of them in a poor state of repair, all of them hidden in the rolling countryside, and hard to find. I can’t say how many will be still surviving now.)

    The interior walls of the semi circular end are clothed in polished red granite, as is the kings chamber in the great pyramid, and the ceiling is painted sky-blue, with golden 5 pointed stars, as are the ceilings of many later dynastic egyptian tombs.

    The stained glass windows running the length of the body of the church show many “enigmatic scenes” with “angles of spears/rods, etc” that hint of many stories, and the very many tombs show very clear masonic emblems.

    I spent many days studying the place, interior and exterior.

    Well worth a visit. ;)

    You can drive the google maps van round the immediate roads for a good view.

    Have a good day. ;)

    • CherryPie says:

      Thanks for that :-) it looks and sounds like a fascinating church to visit. I did drive the google maps van, there is some lovely detailing on the outside. I will have to add it to my ‘to visit’ list.

      I was supposed to make it to Chartres this year but it didn’t quite happen again…

  9. Altean says:

    Go to google maps and enter Adrigole ireland.

    Move the map so that you follow the R574 north east, then north for a few miles.

    Place the little man (van) just south (about 1/4 of an inch) of the dotted line crossing the R574, facing north.

    Drive the van north, over the top of the mountain, and down the other side.

    Look either side at the scenery.

    ENJOY ;)

    Hope you had a good day. ;)

  10. Altean says:

    PS. Be careful..

    The road is mostly single track….beware other vehicles. :) ;)

    • CherryPie says:

      You will have to bear with me ;-) My PC (which is where I am now) isn’t up to Google maps (it needs a serious overhaul) so I will check out Adrigole tomorrow on my lap top.

      I know I will enjoy ;-)

      First day back at work… So it was a day ;-)

      I hope you had a good day :-)

  11. Altean says:

    My day?

    Thanks for asking. ;)


    The lies coming from camoron, and umbongo…we’re walking into a potential WW111. Eyes wide shut! Also a film.

    Satellite evidence that the “non-indigenes”, the bastards we are paying, and probably soon to be fighting for, were the ones who launched the kem wee-puns. This evidence has been handed to the UN Security council. If I can find it then US, UK, and every other friken national security organisation on this planet must already know!!! And they all do sweet f**k all!!!

    Documentary Evidence that the previous use of ke-m wep-s was also down to the western paid non-indigenes, Doks totally in the public domain!

    Evidence that said previous kem v-puns were built-up by the non-indigenes from parts manufactured by Sawdie Arobia, the EU, and Tercy.

    Amreika new bais underneath Jordan capital.

    Note that the military build up is in Cip-roos, home to the “template” bailin of a few months ago, where bank acs were stolen by the troika. Behave you surfs, ……

    Massive Roo-ski fleets circling in the area….c&c remains at their home though. Sunburn and Onyx..wow.

    Pipe lines and oil the real why….stere up religious ko-oks, saw-die pulling the strings. see-ii ay ok-d.

    Hungary joins “axis of evil”.
    But needing confirmation from other sources….

    And THIS… F.F.S.

    All part of a plan.

  12. Altean says:

    When you lay out all possible pathways, no matter how ridiculous or counterintuitive they may seem, and sort the multitude of data, events, and actions upon their appropriate piles, a new reality may emerge to compete against your own bias. It is your ability to believe and amend your belief system, which separates you from the masses. “The task is not so much to see what no one yet has seen, but to think what no body yet has thought about that which everyone sees.” —Arthur Schopenhauer, 1818 —

  13. Altean says:

    As you drive down the mountain, the lake on the left gets nearer. Move out to satellite view again and move down above lake Glanmore.
    You will see a road that appears to cross Lake Glanmore.

    Place the google van at the brginning of that road, and drive across the lake.

    Look at the views.

    It’s another world. ;)

    A dream world. ;)

    It gives an understanding of the mystical feeling for the land that absent locals feel.

  14. Altean says:

    Go to google maps
    enter… Gouganebarra Lake, Cork, Ireland

    Place the van on the approach road prior to the right turn that runs north, up the east side of the lake.

    Drive around.

    Find out about the lone building in the lake. (You’ve seen a picture of it amongst the pictures of St Finbars in Cork.)

    The hotel is residential. (don’t know how good, though…. never stayed there….it has a web-site))


    That’s your next years holiday filled. ;)

    Hope you had a good day. :)

  15. Altean says:

    PS be sure to take the road from Goug. lake all the way west, it turns on itself and returns to the lake.

    That’s enough of magical lands.

    Dream time.

    You get the idea…..there’s more and more, if you know where to look. ;)

  16. CherryPie says:

    Firstly your day…

    Hmm… Yes :-/

    I had not come across that parliamentary bill before. My initial thought was was how are they going to pay for that, but I have reconsidered… It could be a good way of getting young people into jobs and shifting the money from them being paid to do nothing into to them being paid to do something!!!… Shuffling around of budgets etc. I am sure you get my meaning.

    Now onto more pleasant things :-)

    I love the quote ;-) think I might have to use it in my thoughts for the week series ;-)

    I took the Google van on your first journey before I had my dinner, the scenery was delightful. Thank You :-) My imediate thought was that you would want me holiday there with my camera ;-)

    I see I was right ;-)

    I did wonder what that building in amongst the other photos was and the view from across the lake. I thought the area looked beautiful, my kind of place ;-) I didn’t realise it was a hotel, I just checked it out on trip adviser, it gets good reviews.


    I will check out that journey in the Google van later :-)

    Happy Dreams :-)

  17. Sean Jeating says:

    Now, if that does not “sound” like “my”my Anonymous; my Bill from 2008. . Ha ha ha