Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.

William Cullen Bryant

Arley Arboretum

26 Comments CherryPie on Oct 20th 2013

26 Responses to “Cherie’s Place – Thought for the Week”

  1. I know what he meant, but Winter can smile quite brilliantly too, such as when the sun sparkles on the snow from a clear blue sky. All it takes is a bit of sunshine any day of the year, really.

    • CherryPie says:

      Oh yes I very much love the winter snow and frosts they are quite beautiful :-) I miss them a little bit here, they pass us by, after autumn we get dull grey until spring emerges.

      Late January until the beginning of March is always rather gloomy and it affects my mood…

  2. Then I guess Winter will have the last laugh. ;)
    He laughs so hard cause he knows I usually gain a few extra pounds during Christmas, the happiest season of all. ;)

  3. Sean Jeating says:

    Hm, difficult to compare; there are so many lovely ’smiles’ to enjoy during a year.
    Still, I like the quote in all its poetic naivety.

  4. Astrid says:

    We are right now in the North Georgia Mountains, Blue Ridge. Autumn there is fabulous.
    I know what you mean with Autumn is wonderful and smiles.
    I scrolled through your pictures and they are wonderful as always. :)

  5. ubermouth says:

    I LOVE Autumn like no other season. With the crispness in the air and the colour of the leaves, I come alive.

  6. Ginnie says:

    It’s so true, Cherry…unless, of course, it snows. That, too, is quite lovely. :)

  7. ....peter:) says:

    The comment by William Cullen Bryant is so true… and your beautiful picture is part of that great smile Cherie…..peter:)

  8. Ayush says:

    a nice shot. reminds me of certain places. that is one magnificent tree by the way

  9. Off to Italy for a short break tomorrow. :)
    So I see you next week.

  10. Claude says:

    As always, magnificent photo.

  11. Bernard says:

    It was warm and inviting when I was last at Arley.
    I have this ‘thing’ about woods in the autumn and winter. It is usually cold, damp and everywhere smells of decay. Even the sounds, up in the trees, of quarreling crows lower my sense of well-being.
    It’s something to do with getting older I guess?
    I shall snuggle down and await the spring, I think. :)

  12. J_on_tour says:

    Nice work. I may not have thought that this time last year but …
    Light, as I’m finding out this year is the key to turning an ordinary scene into a magnificent one. I’ve always known that but my gut reaction through life has always been to formerly capture the standard tourist image whilst learning to develop the art & composition. In recent years I have concentrated on incidental biographical blog images which have delayed this learning curve even further.nThis is the new dimension that I haven’t had the chance or vehicle to share yet.

    • CherryPie says:

      It is the different lighting, angles and perspectives that I love to explore. I like to capture the classic tourist spots in a different way. It is a challenge for me ;-)

      • J_on_tour says:

        Agreed. Following blogs alone has taught me that in the last three years.
        On a parallel note, I taught myself a couple of musical instruments many years ago. Unfortunately, once I had finished the book I read, I had decided which topics I was going to work at & sideline the others for a while. I usually never had the patience to wait for a shot as I was always on the go. Patience for the right moment is something I’ve worked on in the last year but never works that well when spending the time with many people.