The Old Rugged Cross

The parish church stands on the site of the wooden church built by St. Aidan in 635 AD, which during the Anglo-Saxon period was replaced by a small stone church. The Benedictine monks of Durham, who in the 12th century began to build the second monastery, decided this should be the parish church and employed and paid a chaplain to care for the villagers.

The building was enlarged twice: once in the 12th century by a Romanesque north arcade and a Norman apse (now gone) and an early English south arcade and chancel in the 13th century. Parts of the original Saxon church survive in the wall containing the chancel arch. The tower and the porch were added later.

At the Reformation the church became Anglican and, as the centuries went by, fell into great disrepair. A thorough restoration in 1860 restored it to a clean, usable state, with oak furnishings in the chancel and pine in the nave.

Attention to Detail

Living Church

The Old and the New

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  1. liz says:

    It looks amazing especially it was restored in the nineteenth century. It looks almost new. How lovely to have visited Lindisfarne.

    When I revamped my blog I lost all my links but I can return you now to my list!

  2. james higham says:

    Words are unnecessary.

  3. I definitely have to visit this place!