Up Close and Personal

This afternoon we nipped into Birmingham to obtain a few essentials prior to the next episode of ‘Cherry on her Travels’.  We had a surprisingly successful afternoon, our purchase list was all ticked off apart from a Birthday Card. I normally make birthday cards rather than buy them and on looking at the selection available I think that is a wise choice.  The selection of ’special’ birthday cards was limited and the supposed humour section was ermm… not funny! I suppose humour is a personal thing and the selection just wasn’t working for me (or Mr C).  Back to the drawing board on that elusive card ;-)

All shopped out we made our way back to the car park and paid at the machine that stamps your card allowing you to exit the car park. We then got in our car and made our way to the exit. We joined one of the two exit lanes and observed that the car in the other lane wasn’t moving even though the barrier was up.

We then noticed the lady in the car in front of us put her ticket in the machine. She then got out of her car, bent down and picked the ticket up of the floor. She then ended up putting the ticket in the waste bin behind the barrier rather than in the ticket machine.  After a moment of confusion she turned round and mouthed sorry and made her way to the nearby booth where the car park staff were situated. A couple of minutes later a male passenger got out of the passenger seat of the car. He smiled at us, raised his eyes and his arms skyward and followed her into the booth.

The car behind us reversed and exited through the other lane, giving us the opportunity to do likewise. The barrier on the other lane was up and did not require the input of a ticket to exit. This left us wondering why the original car in that lane waited and paused there for so long…

PS: The photo has nothing to do with today’s adventures. It is one that I inadvertently captured whilst sitting on my patio last weekend.

4 Comments CherryPie on Sep 6th 2014

4 Responses to “Modern Technology”

  1. He he.. Only in Brummie, what can I say… ;)
    Oh, I would like to see their new library when I go there next time.

  2. Bernard says:

    Do people really just ‘nip’ into Birmingham?
    I only ask because nothing, no nothing would induce me (or even drag me screaming) to return to the sad old city I knew so well from the 40’s to the 60’s.
    I don’t even ‘let on’ to people, to where I come from – but if really pressed, I say “I come from Bournville, where Cadbury’s Chocolate was made.”
    (Note WAS made there – now American owned.)
    Birmingham does not seem to be the place to search for a ‘quality’ Birthday card, if I might say so, and I am not at all surprised to hear that you failed. If I begin to struggle to find the right card, I usually end up in the National Trust shop at Cliveden.
    You are very talented to make your own – perhaps you could let us one day catch a glimpse of your handiwork? :)
    Take care – Grumpy old B. :-O

    • CherryPie says:

      Sometimes it is necessary to ‘nip’ into Birmingham. When there is little time for shopping around, Birmingham has it all in one place ;-)

      We got everything on our lists apart from the card. I persuaded Mr C that MoonPig was the place to find the right card. He reluctantly indulged me and within three minutes the perfect card was found. Within 10 minutes it was customised to perfection for the recipient.


      I use my photos to make my own cards and when I am not printing them at home I upload photos to Moonpig and create my own design there.

      There is a lot of talk about grumpy this evening, you must have been reading ‘NO’ posts ;-)