This is HMS Vernon’s version of ‘Monopoly’. It includes missile-shaped pieces and locations like the main gate and Isle of Wight Ferry.

12 Comments CherryPie on Feb 3rd 2015

12 Responses to “Vernopoly”

  1. ....peter:) says:

    What a wonderful find and well framed Cherie… i notice that there are raised edges to keep the pieces from sliding off of the board when at sea….peter:)

  2. Amfortas says:

    The raised edges are for drunken sailors to hang onto. The drawer contains a cat-o’ -nine-tails to be used as a get out of jail free but with a few stripes.

  3. Ginnie says:

    Specialized games like that are collector’s items, Cherry, as you know. How fun. (And I’m very glad to see I can comment once again.)

  4. Even came with little drawers to keep your money! ;)

  5. lisl says:

    What a clever idea – I wonder if they sell many?

  6. J_on_tour says:

    That looks like a well crafted and substantial board game.