Traitor's Gate

Traitor’s (or Traitors’) Gate was a watergate – originally simply called the Water Gate – beneath St Thomas’s Tower at the Tower of London.

The gate was built in the late 1270s on the orders of Edward I to provide a convenient means by which he could arrive by barge. It acquired its present name as the Tower evolved into a place of imprisonment – and sometimes torture – for those accused of treason, notably in the 16th century during the reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

The archway was bricked up in the mid-​​19th century because the embankment works caused the river to run deeper, making the gate of little practical use for would-​​be visitors – traitorous or not – at most phases of the tide.

Traitor's Gate

8 Comments CherryPie on Mar 2nd 2015

8 Responses to “Traitor’s Gate”

  1. It’s really pretty inside the Tower, right? ;)
    Oh I went to visit Peterborough Cathedral this weekend.
    I saw Catherine of Aragon’s tomb inside the cathedral!

    • CherryPie says:

      I have not been to Peterborough Cathedral, yet…

      My next Cathedral visit will be Lincoln ;-)

      • You should then!
        It’s really impressive.
        Inside, it’s like a cross between Ely Cathedral and Bath Abbey. ;)
        Outside, it reminded me of Wells Cathedral. But not really the same.

        I haven’t been to Lincoln YET. ;)
        One day… I’m kinda planning my Easter bank holiday now.
        Maybe Jersey. :) Then a bit of island hopping to Guernsey and France. :)

  2. Ayush says:

    I had heard of this gate but was not aware of the back story; very interesting and a great shot to go with it, CP

  3. J_on_tour says:

    I remember this on the only tour I ever did of the tower back in the day.
    The poppies give the pictures some colour although I’m not sure about their relevance in this part of the tower.

    • CherryPie says:

      The poppies filled the moat so there is no particular relevance. I liked the added colour they gave to the gate and took advantage of the one off photo opportunity :-)