Vulcan XH558 is reaching the end of her flying days and over the weekend she flew a couple of farewell fly past tours. I was able to stand on a grassy mound at Cosford in order to watch her fly by.

We heard her before we saw her because her approach was obscured by the Cold War Hangar. All of a sudden she popped out round the side of the building, tilted her wings towards the crowd and was gone…

Cosford was heaving so we went into one of the hangars to wait for the queues of traffic exiting the site to die down. We visited an art gallery which we were pleasantly suprised to find was exhibiting a different display than usual. It was an exhibition of art commemorating WWI so all the paintings were of WWI aircraft. We spent some time enjoying the paintings, of which there were several that I would happily hang on the walls in my home. By the time we had finished viewing them the traffic had eased and we were able to make our way home.

These photos are from a previous visit to Cosford when Vulcan XH558 treated us to an aerial display before heading off into the distance.


6 Comments CherryPie on Oct 12th 2015

6 Responses to “Plane Spotting”

  1. Mark in Mayenne says:

    I do like the Vulcan

  2. james higham says:

    Imagine flying in one of those things.

  3. Amfortas says:

    Soak it all up. The sounds and the sights. An era passes and we were part of it. I built the flight planning section for Bomber Wing at Akrotiri. The Vs were mine, all mine, I say. Wooharharharahahaha.

    • CherryPie says:

      We are part of it and I am so glad I had the opportunities to see her in flight this year. I am keeping my eye out for any last flights that are planned and hoping that I may be near enough to the flight path for one last glimpse ;-)

      I hope you used those Vs wisely ;-) :-)