The Crucified of Piran

The Crucified from Piran is located with in the Church of St George.

In 2009 a glass case was installed above the choir banks on the right-hand side of the presbytery to keep the Crucified from Piran, one of the key monuments of the Mediaeval sculpture art in Slovenia. The Gothic art especially intensifies the martyrdom of Christ on the cross. The original location of the sculpture is not known. It might have originally hung in the church at Bernardin. For a long period of time it hung in the baptistery of the St. George church in Piran.

The Crucified from Piran is a monumental wooden sculpture on the Y-shaped cross symbolizing the tree of life. The experts (Emilijan Cevc, PhD) consider it to be the work of a travelling Venetian carver or workshop. Originally it was considered to have been made between 1370 and 1380, however the conservation and renovation works later showed that it was probably made in the beginning of the 14th century.*

The Crucified of Piran

Photograph from a leaflet by The St. George Treasures Association

*From a leaflet by The St. George Treasures Association

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  1. lisl says:

    The overall appearance looked very modern, but the detail medieval