2015 Review

As 2015 comes to a close and we herald 2016, I am once again wondering where all the time has gone. It seems like only 5 minutes since I was reflecting on 2014.

We were lucky to be able to go on more than one holiday this year, the highlight being our stay in Piran, Slovenia; also taking in Ljublijana, Postojna Caves, Predjama Castle and the near by Koper. We also traveled to Belgium by Eurostar and stayed in Leuven. This allowed Mr C to visit Waterloo and stand on the battlefield on the 200th anniversary of the ‘Battle of Waterloo’. Sadly I think this will be our last Eurostar holiday for the foreseeable future due to economic migrants camping out in Calais disrupting travel as they seek to gain illegal entry into the UK.

For our traditional autumnal short break we visited one of my favourite cities, Newcastle, with my mum. It was lovely that my brother and his fiancee were able to join us for a couple of nights. We were also able to meet up with JD spending  lunch with him. He kindly brought me one of his paintings which is now on the wall near my computer. He also brought a painting for my mum. On our way back from Newcastle we visited Hexham Abbey as recommended by JD. It is a place we will return to.

In addition to our main excursions we had a few short breaks; staying in Lincoln, Nottingham and Hay-on-Wye.

Places we popped into throughout the year include; Dorothy Clive Garden, Arley Arboretum, The Long Mynd, Blenheim Palace, Packwood House, Ellesmere (and the saga of left behind glasses), Warwick, Attingham Park, Ludlow, Wollerton Old Hall, Moreton Corbet Castle and London. Serendipity led us to Sugnall Walled Garden which is a hidden gem we had not heard of before and it does excellent lunches.

We also had the pleasure of attending a 39th birthday party which was a joint 18th and 21st birthday celebration of two siblings. It was intended that the party should be held outside but the weather had other ideas, a storm blew up meaning everyone had to retreat indoors.

2015 also saw the demise of the the lovely oak tree at the bottom of my garden which, after the fall of one of its branches, was severely hacked back (illegally) by the neighbour whose land it is on.

We were lucky  to see the Vulcan XH558 flying past Cosford not once but twice in its final year of flight. On the first occasion she gave us a fabulous display, showing her wings from above and below, dropping her wheels and the bomb doors before climbing vertically and soaring off with the the typical Vulcan Roar.  Another of the year’s highlights was being awarded the Imperial Service Medal for more than 25 years meritorious service to Crown and country.

The run up to Christmas and Christmas itself was hectic as usual but we found a slot in our diaries to go out for lunch and visit Wightwick Manor all decked out for Christmas. It was an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon.

As the New Year turns I am reminded of ‘My Happiness Box‘, a project I started on January 1st. Did I put a happiness thought in the box for each day? Not quite, it was all going so well until my visit to Piran, I was so busy enjoying the holiday I forgot to write down a thought each day and didn’t get started again when I returned home. The project was fun and I look forward to starting afresh in the New Year :-)

I wonder what 2016 will bring?  Now where did I put those holiday brochures..?

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23 Responses to “A Reflection on 2015”

  1. Ginnie says:

    The lucky thing for those of us who follow you, Cherry, is that we got to see all of it through your posts…and eyes. YAY for blogging. Now that a new year is before us, I do wonder what will unfold for each of us!

  2. Alan says:

    It’s funny but I never think of looking back; I’m always in mindset of “moving on”. You’ve packed in a lot during the year. My plan in 2016 is to retire; roll on July!

    • CherryPie says:

      One year it occurred to me to look back and I was surprised at how much I had done. I thought I had done nothing that year. Ever since then as New Year approaches I always reflect back on what I have done in the previous year.

      The photos are pictures I chose for a calendar for Mr C, one from each month of the year. I have been making one as a Christmas present for a number of years.

  3. rusty duck says:

    Happy New Year Cherie and many more travels to come!

  4. ....peter:) says:

    a wonderful review of 2015 Cherie… and all the best in the new year….peter:)

  5. ubermouth says:

    Happy New year to you and yours, Cherie.

    I love your happiness box…I think I am going to think up one happy thought for my new blog(which I must dedicate more time to). I think there is something to this concept being good for the soul, to focus on the positive and let go of the negative. :)

    That glass heart ornament with what looks to be bluebells in it….is that one of your ornaments? I LOVE that idea.If the glass was unbreakable it would be a great doorknob ornament or modern-day drawer pull posy.

    How’s JD? I have more oil paintings to show you…..my theme in my living room is now wild African animals which goes with my indoor plants and trees. I would not mind seeing his either.

    We should petition James to have recurring art posts! :)

    • CherryPie says:

      Thank You :-)

      The glass heart is hanging in my heart collection. It is a friendship heart:


      At the end of their working day the Glass Blowers would use up the molten glass by blowing these small ornamental hearts to be given as tokens of friendship on special occasions. This ancient tradition is carried on today.

      I will have to get around to photographing the collection.

      • ubermouth says:

        Thanks for the link.Will go immediately after I post this- I LOVE hearts(and flowers). I did not know about this glass- blowing,friendship gesture( you are full of fascinating facts, Cherie),but it speaks to me.

        In my family a tradition that started to far back we can’t recall, we give ones we love teddy bears as a symbol of love (even,platonic love and as a representation of us,being there for that person). :)

        It has branched off into all sorts and sized of stuffed toys…. in fact, this year,one of my Xmas gifts from Mum was a monkey,which I will put into one of the trees I have in my livingroom. As my banana plant is not big enough yet, he will have to ‘hang out’ in my 9 foot corn plant.

        Mum also bought me one of the last Woolies with mini hot water bottle in his back before Wollies closed their doors(sad day).

        I would LOVE for you to photograph your heart collection, Cherie.

        • ubermouth says:

          Sorry, such a lengthy comment should have been saved for an email.:) Didn’t mean to take over your comments section. :)

        • CherryPie says:

          I didn’t know about the heart history either. I saw the hearts hanging up in Hinton Ampner when I visited in 2014. It was only when I opened the box that I found a little card explaining the history of them.

          Of the hearts that were available on the day the purple one was the one that looked best, although there was a white one which was a close second.

          • ubermouth says:

            I went to the site and asked them if they could send me a brochure. I saw some lovely hearts(even my birthstone one) that I want to buy along with 2 gorgeous trivets- a rooster for Mum and cow for me. I am mad about cows and Mum is for roosters.

            I love these sorts of shops! :)

            • CherryPie says:

              Each piece of glasswork is unique as they are all hand made. I have only seen the products in NT shops, but I have not seen the full range there.

  6. Mandy says:

    What an exciting year! I look forward to following you on your adventures in 2016!

    It’s really sad about the oak tree. Don’t people communicate??

    • CherryPie says:

      It is sad about the Oak Tree. It had a tree preservation order on it which he knew about!

      Hopefully it will start to grow back a bit this year :-)

  7. James Higham says:

    Quite an itinerary there, Cherie.

  8. >economic migrants?

    Interesting choice of words! ;)
    I am starting to like this phrase.

    • CherryPie says:

      If not economic migrants, what do you think they are?

      And why didn’t they settle in the first country they landed in after they left their country of origin?

  9. J_on_tour says:

    That’s a lot of travelling in one year, it was good to catch up with your journeys, hope you have as much fun in 2016.