Pork & Fennel Meatballs

Lunch today was intended to be earlier than usual due to my scheduled hair appointment at 1pm. Following my hair appointment, Mr C and I planned to visit a particular garden centre to track down (and see) a garden bench that we had in mind.

Whilst I was quietly reading before lunch, the phone rang… It was my FIL offering to bring his jet washer round to clean off our patio table and chairs, to spruce them up. Of course I accepted the offer but this put our plans off track a little, lunch in particular and I was worried about being late for my appointment.

We got back on track and after my hair appointment we went to the garden centre and although the garden centre stocked the range of garden benches we were looking for the bench we had in mind was not on display. We have one other place we can visit to see if they have the bench on display, this will involve a visit to Sugnall Walled Garden for lunch. What a hardship ;-)

Whilst we were out on our travels we bought a shrub for the newly dug border, then Mr C went in search of the missing ingredient for this evenings meal; Fennel seed. It was nowhere to be found. I had given up and was ready to go home so I searched on line (via my phone) for suitable alternatives, many of these we have in our cupboard. But Mr C was determined and we eventually found the illusive seeds in Holland & Barrett.

Eventually we returned home just in time to prepare dinner so that it could be enjoyed on the patio before the temperature got too chilly.

The Pork & Fennel meatballs were delicious ;-)

Dinner for Two


2 Comments CherryPie on May 14th 2016

2 Responses to “In Search of Fennel”

  1. Ah courgette + spaghetti = courgetti!
    Now I think they should really rename Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham to Courgetti Junction.
    Cos it sounds healthier and greener.
    And it’s a portion of your 5-a-day!