Breakfast Time

I awoke to the delightful sound of cathedral bells before we made our way downstairs for our final breakfast in Stoberry House. Some interesting conversations took place over breakfast including one involving a couple who were thinking of opening a B&B who were seeking advice from our hostess, Frances, on how best to go about getting started.

We chatted to our host, Tim, as we paid the bill and were thanked for making things easy by jotting down the drinks we had had from the honesty bar. Apparently this is unusual and not doing so can lead to some awkward conversations. We said goodbye to Frances who hoped we would be back. As we left the house we checked out a secret lounge that we hadn’t noticed before. Next time we visit this will be our lounge of choice ;-) On the car park as we were getting ready to leave we got chatting to another guest about Shropshire amongst other things.

The Stones in their Landscape

We headed off to Stonehenge where we found that, as English Heritage members, we did not have to join the long queue. We chose to walk to the stones rather than take the shuttle bus, taking in the landscape as we made our way towards them. We took a leisurely stroll around the stones which I found quite peaceful despite the crowds. Back at the visitor centre, we shared a sandwich in the cafe and I bought a new book about Stonehenge before we made our way to The White Hart in Salisbury.

We checked in and freshened up before walking to the Haunch of Venison for dinner. This turned out to be the culinary disappointment of the weekend. The service and food quality did not match up to that of our previous visit in 2014. I finished the meal joking about taking the upside down mint from the plate that had been placed in front of us. It was only after I had eaten it that I noticed there was a rip in the foil. It left me wondering if this is why it had been placed upside down…

Salisbury Cathedral

After this less than desirable experience we walked through the cathedral crescent, enjoying the view of the moon as it rose over the roof of the cathedral. We ended up back at the hotel where we enjoyed a drink in the hotel terrace garden whilst watching the sky turn from blue to black.

Salisbury Moon

7 Comments CherryPie on Aug 5th 2016

7 Responses to “Wells – Day Four”

  1. Stoberry House sounds superb. Last time I visited Stonehenge it was like a zoo. When I first wet – oh, several centuries ago – you went through a kissing gate and bought a ticket from a bloke in a wooden hut. I can empathise with your White Hart experience.

  2. James Higham says:

    Can only echo Mike – seems superb.

  3. Astrid says:

    What a fabulous series about Wells and the B&B… one outstanding bench there too (a great ‘Boat Friday’ picture ;)
    we love these places and they are so soulful. Fabulous pictures, but then the place is so unique and photogenic.
    I am sorry that I could not leave a comment on ‘I left my heart in a Paris Garden’… those sails are wonderful what great boats. We were maybe at a smaller pond with these patched sails. This was the first time I did not have the big camera with me, I bought a good ‘point and shoot’ Sony Cybershot dsc wx220 and I have to say I have to get used to it, it does well. Sometimes it is hard to see where you take pictures from because of the sun in the view-finder. (my big one is a Nikon D300S, no comparison…) I do like to travel lighter to the USA later this year)
    I always enjoy your post, I do admit that I have limited time during the week, but with breakfast on Sunday, it is a great time to catch up, have a great Sunday and please say Hello to Mr. C :)

    • CherryPie says:

      I am glad you enjoyed the virtual journey to Wells :-)

      I have had to turn off comments on older post because the posts generate a lot of automatic spam comments, which was taking up too much time manage.

      Your photo came out well despite it being a camera you weren’t familiar with. I have recently bought a ‘point and shoot’ for the times when I don’t want to carry my big one around with me. I have yet to figure out how it works properly…