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We were all packed and ready to go before we went down for our last breakfast in the Courtyard Garden. During breakfast we realised that there had been a bit of a mix up over the number of nights that we were staying, our hosts were expecting us to stay another night. Before we set off on our travels I had thought we had booked the extra night but on reading the confirmation letter to see we had only booked four nights, so I cancelled my extra days leave.  I mentioned on several occasions to Mr C that perhaps we could book the extra night… But he said he needed to get back to work, he he had booked one less day than needed at the beginning of our holiday so that had to be sorted in favour of less days off at the end of our break.

Our hosts were sad to see us go and when I got home checked the booking acknowledgement letter I could see how the confusion had arisen and I regretted not noticing it before we went away.

After breakfast we loaded up the car with our luggage, paid our bill and chatted with our hosts before paying one last visit to Barter Books to see if we could locate the book on rock carvings that I had first seen when we arrived in Alnwick. After having a quick search for the book ourselves we took the details to the desk and a helpful young lady went into the back room to check the catalogue. The book was still listed and we were directed to the appropriate section where we found that the owner of the shop had followed us. He told me the author of the book and asked a lady to assist us. She found a version of the book within two minutes and went to check elsewhere if the other version of the book was still available. It was only the binding that was different but she thought the other book may have a better binding.  She couldn’t find the other copy but I didn’t mind, it was the content of the book that I was interested in. I thanked her for her help and went to purchase the elusive book.


After this brief diversion we headed to Ripon so that Mr C could explore the Royal Green Jackets museum. The museum was excellent although there was one off putting moment when we heard a building alarm going off and we didn’t know if we should evacuate the premises and the museum staff were unsure because the fire alarm panel wasn’t showing a problem. It turned out to be the lift alarm where two people were stuck in the lift. Eventually the museum staff were able to rescue the two people. We had been told on arrival that the lift was slow but that was taking it a bit far…

Communion Set

When we left the museum Mr C realised he had parked in the wrong zone so we decided not to leave our chances to fate and travelled on to Brough and a lovely tea shop situated next to the ruined castle there before continuing on our homeward journey.

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18 Responses to “Newcastle & Alnwick – Day Seven”

  1. CherryPie says:

    Second photograph – A poppy situated next to a card signed by Marshall Earl Haig. In the last few years of his life Haig worked to support ex-servicemen by setting up the Haig Fund, now known as the Poppy Day Appeal, and helping to found the British Legion.

    Third photograph – Reverend C H G Ridley communion set, stole and medals. Ridley was Padre of the 1st Battalion throughout the Italian campaign. The triptych depicting the Virgin Mary was found in the ruins of Monte Cassino, south of Rome.

  2. lisl says:

    Perhaps it was a good thing you didn’t take the lift, Cherie!

  3. Alan says:

    Thanks for your tips! I’m up in Northumberland just after Christmas staying not far from Alnwick so any mention of teashops is welcome. I like Ripon, too.

    • CherryPie says:

      We enjoyed the Lavender Tea Room at Etal on our recent visit and it was just as good as it was on our previous visit three years ago :-)

      I will have a think to see if I can remember any other independent tea establishments in the area. We are often at National Trust properties or other such establishments when we have a cuppa ‘up north’!

      • CherryPie says:

        PS: We will be visiting Winchester again soon and we will be calling in at the Cathedral Rectory as we did on several occasions on our previous visit to Winchester :-)

        Every time you post a cake in that location I am reminded of my pleasant vacation in Winchester :-)

  4. I’ve really enjoyed your posts on Northumberland – an area I would love to visit one day. So glad you managed to get a copy of the rock carvings book.

  5. Mandy says:

    Oh no! What a pity about the mix up with the dates. It would have been lovely to stay an extra day.

  6. ....peter:) says:

    it’s strange how we get our days booking wrong when we plan a vacation Cherie… Penny and or i often decide to leave a day early because we found another adventure to check out… but most of the time we stay an extra day if possible because there was much more to see where we were…

    my favorite way to travel is to get lost now and then… that is when you find the most interesting things….peter:)

    • CherryPie says:

      This year is the first time we have got muddled up with holidays. I think that is because there were so many other things going on that needed our attention.

      We really could have done with the extra day away… But I am carefully exploring ideas for our next relaxing holiday ;-)

  7. Royal Green Jackets museum?
    Wow… you mean like a museum about Royal Jersey jacket potatoes? ;)

  8. Ayush says:

    it does look like a nice spot, a pity you could not stay the additional period, CP.

  9. james higham says:

    Sigh – to have a bedroom like that, with that view.