Pancake with Hot Raspberries

After a family gathering in Banbury last March we planned to return later in the year to visit Broughton Castle and perhaps sample some pancakes in the Little Amsterdam Cafe. The occasion of Mr C’s birthday was the perfect to occasion to realise our plan.


We arrived in Banbury just in time for lunch and headed straight to the Little Amsterdam Cafe. As it was lunchtime I elected for something light and chose a pancake with hot raspberries and ice cream whilst Mr C chose chicken stilton and mushroom. I can confirm my pancake tasted as delicious as it looks in the photograph. After lunch we had a brief look around the town before heading off to Broughton Castle. We had timed our arrival to when it was just opening so were among the first to arrive.

Gate House

We joined the back of the small queue of people purchasing tickets. There was a man talking incessantly about how he had only come to look at the castle because he thought it was only a ruin and now he now realised that it wasn’t and would buy the guidebook and come back with his wife another time. When a car drove down through the gateway to the property in what can only be called a rude manner he challenged the people inside it, ‘are you the owners?’ They were not, one of the passengers had a disability, this led to the man becoming even more rude and out of order grumbling at the staff about him being unfairly treated as he had been made to park his car in the car park and he was disabled.

Then he began a rant which did not make complete sense but was over the top. I think there had been a misunderstanding about his needs due to his disability. Some people just like to make life harder for themselves than it needs to be and then  to grumble and cause trouble.

I am not sure if he was able to resolve his issue with the member of staff who was trying to help him out but eventually he made his way back towards the car park and out of earshot. Peace and tranquillity resumed. After purchasing our tickets we decided to do a tour of the gardens first. The sun was out and we were unsure of what the weather would do later and also we thought that most visitors would do the house first making it quieter later also.

Broughton Castle

The gardens and grounds are delightful as is the castle, more accurately described as a fortified manor house. The house is interesting both architecturally and historically. The house has been in continuous ownership of the same family since 1377. The house is home to Lord and Lady Saye & Sele whose family name is Fiennes. When we had finished viewing the house we thought it necessary for a visit to the tea room where we opted to share a slice of orange cake accompanied by a refreshing drink. When we were suitably refreshed we visited the Parish Church of St Mary Broughton with North Newington before setting out on our journey homeward.

Parish Church of St Mary Broughton

The return journey wasn’t pleasant; there were delays in the rush hour traffic. The SatNav initially told us we would arrive home at 18.30 and we had booked a meal reservation on the basis of this. A short while into our journey the arrival time had changed to 19.30 and then more alarmingly to 20.10. As the SatNav normally advises of shorter journey times (it has live traffic updates) we were a little puzzled that it had not provided any alternative route information and we didn’t feel that the arrival time was correct.

I made the bold decision (bearing in mind we are in congested traffic) and said I am going to reset our journey. Mr C said do it quickly then because we were at the point of making a choice of route. I complied and the SatNav recalculated and changed its original route advising that our arrival time would be 19.00.

Phew… We arrived home with just enough time to freshen up and chill out before it was time for our evening meal in the Ugly Duckling.

20 Comments CherryPie on Aug 18th 2017

20 Responses to “A Day Trip to Banbury”

  1. I don’t know Banbury (do people really get cross there?) and Broughton Castle is on the list. It looks wonderful and your write-up and photographs are excellent, as usual. Sat-Navs are great guides – but they don’t always get things right. I like to have a map handy and also check the route beforehand. As for your unruly fellow-customer, it sounds as though the only thing to do would be to take him somewhere quiet and shoot him…

    • CherryPie says:

      I will be writing a bit more about the castle in the next few days, it is well worth a visit. The house has interesting historical and more recent connections.

      I can understand his being a little upset but I cannot condone his attitude towards the staff.

  2. Alan says:

    Somehow, “Little Amsterdam Cafe” seems rather incongruous for a country town such as Banbury. I very occasionally stop and use the facilities and marks and Spencer very close to the motorway – 93.2 miles to home!

    • CherryPie says:

      You should drop into Banbury and enjoy the “Little Amsterdam Cafe” experience. I am already thinking of an excuse to go back to sample a different dish :-)

  3. What a lovely birthday outing. Lovely photos – you have made me want to visit Banbury and visit the cafe to sample the pancakes :) Castle looks very interesting too. Glad the satnav got you home in time!

  4. Hmm…look at that pancake!
    Hang on, what? That’s outrageous!
    They didn’t top it with a cherry? ;)

    • CherryPie says:

      It is outrageous there was not a cherry option :-O

      • By the way, do you have My Old Dutch in your town?
        It’s a chain, there are only three in London.
        Their pancakes are really big! Maybe 2.5x bigger than this one in the picture.
        Go and visit them on Monday, it’s their Crazy Monday, every pancake sweet or savoury, is just £5. :) Usual price £9-£12.

  5. The Yum List says:

    Well, you certainly got my attention with your first photos.:-)

  6. Ayush Basu says:

    phew! an eventful journey. i can imagine the ones who “make things harder than they need to be” – they are, i suppose, everywhere. and good that you were able to make it to the ugly duckling on time.

  7. james higham says:

    Absolute delight, Cherie.

  8. shabana says:

    what a trip!
    inviting lunch you choose .
    loved the street it is beautiful !
    sympathies to poor policeman who tried to help the weird man irr.

    Castle is magnificently charming and fascinating!!!

    • CherryPie says:

      The Banbury streets are lovely with all sorts of unusual architecture.

      I too felt sorry for the lady who was trying to help out with the difficult man.

  9. Astrid says:

    That pancake in the Amsterdam house looks great as well as the trip you made. Happy birthday to Mr. C and I think he did wel bu taken you some flowers :)
    Have a great Sunday.