Fine Dining on the Patio

My morning was taken up with a routine appointment followed by a brief visit to the supermarket to pick up the ingredients for evening dinner. The day was gloriously sunny so I spent my afternoon sitting in my garden reading with a break now and then to peg washing on the line and take it down when it had dried.

When the sun puts its hat on it would be rude not to take the opportunity to dine on the patio, our first opportunity together this year. I was able to dine out yesterday, but that was alone (Mr C was travelling). Although I wasn’t quite alone, as dusk fell a small bat joined me in the garden and at one point it was low to the ground near to the seat opposite where I was sitting on the patio.

Nature is wonderful :-)

Lemon Fish with Caper Yoghurt Sauce

10 Comments CherryPie on Apr 20th 2018

10 Responses to “Dinner for Two”

  1. Hels says:

    Throughout summer and half way into autumn, the nicest part of the day is having lunch outside in the sunshine. Despite the hats and suntan cream, there is nothing more spirit-raising than meeting friends in outdoor coffee-shops.

    Love your wine bottle and wine glasses!

  2. James Higham says:

    Making me feel hungry now.

  3. The Yum List says:

    I do love your garden views.

  4. shabana says:

    last week my husband was out of the city for one day only and having meal and tea without his was quite lonely

    i am so happy for you that grey weather left and you are enjoying your outside sitting ,reading and dining my friend

  5. I have not seen any bats in England before!
    But many times in Malaysia :)
    Including some giant flying foxes.

    • CherryPie says:

      The bats that visit me are tiny, I find them beautiful.

      I was a little bit uncomfortable that he/she came so close when I was alone. But only for the reason that if he/she flew into me or something nearby and might need rescuing. I have never seen a bat in the wild fly that low before!

      If it had been a giant flying bat I think I would have retreated indoors, although they fly much slower that the small bats!