River Tweed

After breakfast we set off through the pretty countryside to Traquair, stopping along the way to photograph the River Tweed. We managed to arrive a little early but the gate was open and the kiosk manned so we were able to go in. One again the weather was glorious so we chose to look around the grounds and tackle the maze before going into the house.

The Grass is Greener

Hey You!

Photo taken by Mr C

There are a few animals in the grounds which are kept behind wire. One of the goats kept trying very hard to push through the wire stretching his head towards us as far as it would go. There were also two very sleepy, snoring pigs, or they were until Mr C inadvertently spooked them by accidentally snapping his glasses case loudly whereupon they charged towards him with great commotion and noise.

Traquair Maze

We managed to conquer the maze after a few false starts. This has to be one of the best mazes I have been in, it has three sub centres that you have to pass through before finding the middle.


Next we enjoyed a look around the house although later we realised that we had managed to miss out one of the floors (the one I particularly wanted to see) and neither of us could figure out how we had done so. Traquair has its own brewery so sampled the ale and bought a few bottles to enjoy at home, probably with slow cooked beef in beer. We had lunch in the cafe where I couldn’t resist a piece of citrus, coconut and pecan cake. It was delicious!

Did Someone Say Cake?

On our journey back towards the hotel we stopped off at Trimontium Roman site to find that there was only an information point. Before returning to the hotel, we thought we would try and pick up some Doddington Cheese, which, we remembered from a previous occasion was purchased from an honesty table outside the farm. We found the farm but this time there was no table so we came away empty handed.

This evening we dined with Toby and Leona who used to run the Coach House. Earlier in the day the duty manager double checked that four of us would be dining and asked which table we would prefer. We had chosen a round table in the window. In the evening a different duty manager was on shift and was very attentive, making sure that we received the best service. We had a lovely evening in good company. Before we retired for the evening the duty manager told us he wouldn’t be back on duty before our holiday finished, said goodbye and hoped he would to see us again.

12 Comments CherryPie on Oct 16th 2018

12 Responses to “Jesmond Dene & Cornhill – Day Nine”

  1. Astrid says:

    No cheese and a missed floor… but overall I think you had a wonderful day. I have never been in a maze…Great pictures again also in the post before.

    • CherryPie says:

      It was a good day out, we will just have to go back for the missed floor ;-)

      You should try a maze if you get the chance. There is bound to be one nearby next time you visit the UK.

  2. Ginnie says:

    You know I love reading all about these ventures, Cherry, but you really had me laughing after the pig story and Mr. C’s glasses case. HAHAHA!

    • CherryPie says:

      Mr C startled the pigs and their loud noise startled me, even though I was a distance away exploring a different part of the garden. I heard the noise and looked up to see the pigs hurtling towards Mr C.

  3. The Yum List says:

    I would like a piece of citrus, coconut and pecan cake too please!

  4. Elderberries here a ripe, and they make good jelly and also a good wine.
    Coffee is on

  5. ....peter says:

    wonderful composition of the River Tweed Cherie… that goat got herself in a trap…
    you always finish off with some great food… i am putting on weight going for a snack every time that i visit you….peter:)

    thanks for all of your comments today…

  6. Sounds a wonderful day apart from the missed floor and lack of cheese. The maze sounds fun and the cake looks delicious :)

    • CherryPie says:

      We managed to pick up some of the local cheese on our journey back home.

      I am sure the floor will still be there next time we visit :-)

      The cake WAS delicious!