Great River Ouse

The name Ouse is from the Celtic or pre-Celtic *Udso-s,[2] and probably means simply “water” or slow flowing river.[3] Thus the name is a pleonasm. The lower reaches of the Great Ouse are also known as “Old West River” and “the Ely Ouse”, but all the river is often referred to simply as the Ouse in informal usage (the word “Great”, which originally meant simply big, or in the case of a river long, is used to distinguish this river from several others called the Ouse).

The old course of the river passes through Hermitage Lock into the Old West River. After joining the Cam near Little Thetford, north of Cambridge, the course passes the cathedral city of Ely and Littleport, to reach the Denver sluice. Below Denver the river is tidal and passes Downham Market to enter The Wash at King’s Lynn.

Great River Ouse

Great River Ouse

8 Comments CherryPie on Nov 24th 2018

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  1. Alan says:

    The boat lift is very interesting; the weathervane on top adds a nice touch to it.

  2. Amfortas says:

    The river that flows through Melbourne, Oz, is the Yarra. That is the Abo name for river. So the river Yarra is the river River.

    Ooze is a pretty good description of a slow moving flow from what was mainly a swamp back in pre- Celtic days.

    I recall well the waters of Thetford. It was a very cold January when as an RAF Officer cadet I had cause to plunge into a river in the Thetford Chase in order carry a rope across to start the building of a bridge to convey an imaginary retreating army, tested by a 44 gallon drum filled with waters from the same river. ‘Twas frigging cold, I can tell you. But I went with the flow !!

    • CherryPie says:

      River River has a nice feel about it.

      The Great Ooze is tidal and drainage channels and sluices have been added to restrict the water flow.

      HaHa, I love your RAF reminiscence :-) Thankfully there was no reason for me enter into the river, I think it would have been pretty chilly in November!

  3. Astrid says:

    Wonderful weather vane on top of the boat lift. It is the time of the year that these lifts are used. All over the Netherlands people are getting their bigger boats “on land”.

    • CherryPie says:

      I love the weather vein. We didn’t have time to wait until they had lifted the boat to shore. The got the boat this far and then wandered off!

  4. I would like to have a canal boat holiday here.
    Did one last year in Wales!