On our Easter break we stayed in the Wykeham Arms and our allocated room was the ‘Post Box’.

Wykeham Arms

The Post Box Room

The Post Box Room


The ‘Post Box’ room is situated above the the old victorian post box which gives the room its name:



Your room ‘The Post Box’ is named after the 1854 Victorian wall letter box over which it sits. As one of the oldest Post Boxes in England, it was probably installed at the instigation of Anthony Trollope (himself a Wykehamist) who was at that time the Postmaster General and also writing his novel ‘The Warden’ in which the local area is strongly featured.

Many famous politicians, military figures who were at Winchester College would have used this tiny post box over the 150 years of its life. Names like Hugh Gaitskell, Field Marshall Lord Wavell, the Nawab of Pataudi and many others spring to mind.

The local Post Office has, for the last 150 years, combined with the local General Stores and Grocers’ Shops to serve the needs of the bustling local community which centres around the Cathedral and the College. Today the tradition survives and still, against all trends, the Post Office and Shop continue very much as they always have done.

Tales of the characters who have run the local Post Office and Shops abound – but I particularly like the story of a local who recalls the story of a Postmaster in the 1920’s who had his life so organised that he could sit on the lavatory, fry his breakfast and keep a beady eye on the Post Office through a wooden hatch – all at the same time.*


*From information in the room

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  1. It looks a lovely room and interesting to read about the post box :)

  2. The Yum List says:

    What a neat tidy and compact room.