Etna Pre Breakfast View

We were ready for breakfast slightly later than intended so because we had arranged to meet Sylvana to pay for the trips we had chosen, breakfast was delayed until after the meeting. We had chosen one of the Etna trips and a visit to the Aeolian Islands and Stromboli. We were informed that Stromboli had erupted earlier in the year and so it might not be possible to land and also forecast bad weather might cause the sea to be choppy. She suggested that we decide later in the week when she had more news. This meant that she did not take any money for either trip!

Greek Theatre

View from the Greek Theatre

We had intended to visit the Greek Theatre early before the day got too warm but this delay and Mr C having an unexpected phone call meant that we got there later than we intended. The Greek Theatre is impressive and there are some stunning views from the top tier.

Etna Late Afternoon

When we had finished the self guided tour, it was time for lunch so we headed back into town to find a suitable cafe bar. After lunch we visited the remains of the Roman bath house, the Church of St Joseph, the Church of St Augustine (now the town library) and the Cathedral of St Nicholas before returning to relax by the hotel pool.

Taormina Bay and Beyond

That evening we dined in Ristorante Malvasia which served excellent local food with friendly service and atmosphere. We returned to the hotel for a nightcap on the hotel terrace looking out over the bays. We got chatting to the bar manager and he pointed out Taormina Bay, Catania, a small part of Syracuse and also the mainland of Italy. The wind got up slightly which was refreshing after the heat of the day.

12 Comments CherryPie on Oct 22nd 2019

12 Responses to “Taormina – Day Four”

  1. I bet your having a great time and the weather looks lovely.
    Coffee is on

  2. shabana says:

    these images from your wonderful trip are GLORIOUS dear Cheri :)

    • CherryPie says:

      I felt privileged to be able to experience the beautiful views and I was gifted with almost perfect weather :-)

      Love and best wishes to you xx

  3. Hels says:

    The Greek Theatre must have been amazing. Do we know how many people could fit in during any one performance? Did viewers mind if it rained?

  4. ....peter says:

    this is the second time that i found a way to get in to your site this week Cherie…
    i enjoyed your photos and descriptions of the things that you did that day… wonderful photos….peter:)

  5. 1904-2019? What’s that for?
    To commemorate 115 years of some golden dragon egg? ;)

    • CherryPie says:

      From the hotel website:

      “The hotel gives you a real taste of historic Sicily. It was one of the first properties to spring up in Taormina when it was built back in 1904, and is even bordered by the remnants of a Greco-Roman wall. Landscaped gardens encircle the hotel building, giving the whole place a tranquil feel. Orange, almond and carob trees line the terraced walkways which lead down to the pool, while tall pines offer plenty of shady spots. The pool itself sits at the bottom of 92 steps, and comes with panoramic sea views.”

      Mr C and I chuckled about those eggs. They were gathered up by the hotel staff every evening. We wondered if they were being nurtured to hatch. On the last evening there was not an egg to be seen…

      Thank goodness we were flying home the next day ;-)

  6. shabana says:

    what i felt through your captures dear Cheri that the italian sky inspired you lot :)
    each photo of sky is exquisitely taken in each post :)