Lake View

I was full of anticipation for our first vacation since lock down, especially as I was driving.

We set off a little late and Mr C was in charge of the route planning! Due to setting off later than planned Mr C suggested lunch in the Ludlow Food Centre. Lunch was delicious, however it added 2 hours to our journey time.

At one point in the extended journey, my SatNav turned us onto a small farm track. If I had been in the car on my own I would probably not have turned into it, and if I had I would have turned round and followed the main road until the SatNav sorted itself out. The road turned out to be the most rustic of country lanes; one car width, barely surfaced and steep uphill.


When we arrived at the hotel and checked in we were told about the Welsh lockdown rules and that the room would not be serviced during our stay. The room was fabulous with ever-changing views of the light casting shadows over the lake. The champagne that Mr C had ordered had not arrived so he had chase it up.


When we arrived for dinner, we were directed to the table that would be ours for the duration of our stay. The table had the same aspect as our room, looking out over the lake and hills. After dinner we stayed at the table enjoying the view and the rest of the wine.

Lake View

6 Comments CherryPie on Aug 27th 2020

6 Responses to “Ty’n y Cornel Hotel – Day One”

  1. Bernard from Bucks says:

    Champagne and wine. And then polished it all off.
    You’re my kind of lady Cherie. except Mr CP beat me to it. ;-)
    I do hope you are both keeping well throughout all these strange times. All is well here in Bucks, except the weather.

    • CherryPie says:

      HaHa :-)

      It was just that sort of a day :-)

      We are keeping well through these challenging strange times although I have not appreciated the early autumnal weather in July!

  2. I love Ludlow Food Centre, although I haven’t been since lockdown. However, I will be driving past there this afternoon!

  3. “The champagne that Mr C had ordered had not arrived so he had chase it up” – Not for the first time, I seem to recall, or not even just the 2nd time. Several hotels seem tardy in catering for your most basic essentials.

    • CherryPie says:

      There does seem to be a pattern emerging. Even the trying to charge for it twice.

      Whereas in Italy we got a free bottle of Prosecco just because we mentioned the shower screen had broken. They couldn’t fix it immediately and were told that we would be sent something to help us out. We weren’t quite sure what that meant…

      A short while later there was a knock at the door. We opened the door to find a wine waiter with two glasses and a bottle of bubbly on ice :-O