… followed by the arrival of my new garden bench and later fine dining at Chez Nous.

Post Lockdown Haircut

New Garden Bench

A Little Bit of Love

Fine Dining

11 Comments CherryPie on Apr 14th 2021

11 Responses to “Post Lockdown Haircut…”

  1. Mark in Mayenne says:

    That’s a fine hair do!l and a fine bench too. The nosh looks pretty good too….

  2. Hels says:

    My hairdresser realised that all businesses suffered during covid, but she thought hairdressing salons suffered the worst. Men could easily do their own hair cuts and women could “make do” for half a year. Managing our own colouring was even easier.

    You look lovely, so I am assuming your hairdressers are open again.

    • CherryPie says:

      Hairdressers were allowed to open this week after four months of closure.

      I didn’t cut or colour my hair during this time. I just watched how it progressed and developed over time.

      My recent posts show how my hair was progressing…

  3. A bench on which you will often rest a while. Nice.

  4. shabana says:

    you look stunning and lovely with new hair look :)

    food look so delicious

  5. Chrysalis says:

    Oh, you look fabulous, dahling! Did you get highlights as well?

    Well, you beat me too it, in the end – I still haven’t been. I was waiting for my second vaccine shot first, as salons here have us packed in like sardines.

    As a matter of fact, I was so fed up with my hair, that I cut my own hair last weekend, trying to cut off all of the frizzy split ends, that I went to short, so now it’s a sort of uneven bob, well, disaster, so I’ll be going sooner than expected to fix … that. Lol.

    Thinking of you today, huggings xo

    • Chrysalis says:

      PS – Always a PS with me, as you know lol. I meant “too short,” not “to short,” as well as I meant the salons here in America are that way, at least, packed in like sardines next to each other – but I guess I’ll be going anyway, after my self-haircut fail lol.

      Also, I’ll be taking a piece of that pie, while I’m here, if you please? ;)

      • CherryPie says:

        The highlights in my hair are natural. I love the little grey tints in amongst what was in my middle years a boring mousy brown colour. I have enjoyed watching how my hair grew through our long lockdown.

        Now that our hairdressers are open they are adhering quite diligently to social distancing and other safety considerations in relation to Covid-19.

        To maximise clients through the door I was taken upstairs (I had the floor to myself). I had a body perm, the treatment needs time develop the curls. Then a shorter period of time for the perm chemical to be neutralized.

        I was pampered and had a lovely chill out time :-)