…with coriander and lime

Spiced Coconut Chicken

7 Comments CherryPie on Jul 31st 2021

7 Responses to “Spiced Coconut Chicken…”

  1. Sackerson says:

    Mmmmm ! Have passed on to the maitresse de cuisine.

  2. lisl says:

    That looks very professional – bet it was tasty!

  3. Moroccan?
    I sometimes make something like this with chicken and roast veg, no rice.
    I have couscous instead.

    • CherryPie says:

      The recipe was from a BBC magazine so perhaps just a Moroccan influence.

      We don’t often have couscous but it is lovely if it is infused with flavours.

      • Couscous is so much easier and quicker than rice.
        Just pour the meat/ veg juice that you get from chicken into the couscous.
        It will soak up all the meaty/ veggie flavours.

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