5th Floor Breakfast View

I awoke after a cosy and comfortable nights sleep and had to remind Mr C that it was my birthday, he had taken control of my cards and presents and they were tardy in being given.

We descended to the dining room for breakfast. It seemed rather quiet and we found out that breakfast was in the Sky Lounge on the 5th floor, something they forgot to mention when we booked in. We eventually arrived in the breakfast room to find the room and breakfast choices were perfect, partly self service but with the cooked food being waiter served from the counter. We even had a window seat looking out over Harrogate, causing us to linger over breakfast.

The Pinewoods

Comfortably replete, we walked to Valley Gardens. Mr C needed to dial in to an office conference so he chose a suitable bench whilst I explored the gardens. I ventured further afield than on our previous visit and noticed a sign for the Pinewoods. I couldn’t resist the temptation to walk along the pathway. The walk was delightful in the autumn sunshine until, with reluctance, I turned back and retraced my steps to return to the gardens to coincide with the time I thought Mr C’s phone call might end. As I walked along the garden pathway Mr C was coming towards me and we finished my circuit of the garden together. In one of the trees next to the path I was treated to a display of birds playing in the lower branches, including a nuthatch that ventured quite close to me.

Salmon Delights

Cake Temtation

We headed into Harrogate town centre for a wander before lunch in Betty’s where I chose a Salmon sandwich and a cake with almonds. Something went wrong and our sandwich was delayed. We were given an apology and offered complimentary drinks for our patience (we hadn’t even complained).


We enjoyed the afternoon in Knaresborough, enjoying a town and river walk in glorious sunshine. The Remembrance Day display around the castle was spectacular and moving. After our walk we returned to the hotel to relax before dining in the Fat Badger at the White Hart Hotel.

A Room With a View

I was considering the possibility of a bubbly aperitif whilst we perused the menu when out of the blue a couple of complimentary glasses of Prosecco arrived because it was my birthday. The restaurant was loud and bustly, the food and service excellent, I chose fishcake with an egg on top and was too full for a dessert.

After dining we returned back to the relative calm, but still vibrant, atmosphere of our hotel bar where we had a lovely phone call with my brother and his wife. They had tried to call whilst we were dining but we’d missed it due to the noise level.

10 Comments CherryPie on Nov 12th 2021

10 Responses to “Harrogate – Day Two”

  1. Happy Birthday and sure looks like nice place for a walk.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. Hels says:

    Great photo! Knaresborough is a historic market town near Harrogate with a wonderful bridge. I assumed this elegant viaduct over the river below was built a very long time ago, but no.. it was a modernish design to carry the railway.

  3. Finally, we’re having tea at Betty’s! It’s definitely worth the wait.


    I saw this town on the train to Scarborough from York.

  4. Belated Happy Birthday – looks like you had a great celebration :) Food in Betty’s looks good – I haven’t ventured in for years last time we were in Harrogate they were queuing down the street. I love Knaresborough :)

    • CherryPie says:

      Thank you :-)

      We always wait in the queue for Betty’s even if it is long. This time it was quite short.

      They way around the queues is to book afternoon tea :-)

  5. ....peter:) says:

    i found you again today Cherie just in time to wish you a Happy Birthday…
    i will be back when i can….peter:)