Maxell Gardens

Day 14 of my Memorial Walk in memory of Queen Elizabeth II didn’t quite go as I had planned it.

My plan was to visit the Chelsea and Maxell gardens before embarking on a walk around Telford Town Park. My first choice of car park looked full so I opted for plan B. The car park is further away and involves walking through the shopping area but is slightly cheaper. I was shocked to find the parking charge had gone up by £1 since my previous visit earlier this year.

I eventually arrived at the Chelsea gardens to find that one of the gates was shut and there was a man with a key chain turning people away from the garden. I noticed that people were exiting the garden and that some of the benches and a garden area outside the garden had been cordoned off with red and white tape. Later I found that the gardens were closed due to unexpected circumstances (whatever that means).


Stirchley Chimney

I was a little unsettled by this turn of events so I wasn’t as adventurous on my choice of walking route as I might have been. This did lead to an unexpected delight when I found that the gates to the Stirchley Chimney were open so I was able to see it close up and get close to the remains of the nearby blast furnaces.

Stirchley Chimney

Abraham Darby

Stirchley Chimney

Stirchley Chimney

Blast Furnaces

The Chimney is one of the principal reminders of the industry which once occupied the Town Park. 62 metres in height the chimney was built in 1873 on the site of an existing blast furnace.

Autumn Colours


Later, I sat in contemplation for a while on bench next to the Town Park war memorial before walking back though the shopping centre in search of afternoon refreshments.

On the way I was stopped by a lady who produced what looked like a petition to get services provided for deaf and mute people. After I had signed it I realised that I was also expected to provide a donation which I did… But I do wonder if perhaps I was being scammed!

Crown of Flowers

Afternoon refreshments were also not to be, it was too late in the afternoon and the coffee shops were closing. Instead I chose to drive home the long way round. That part of my afternoon worked exactly as planned.

Day Fourteen Progress

4 Comments CherryPie on Sep 25th 2022

4 Responses to “Memorial Walk – Telford Town Park”

  1. Oh I think I have seen similar furnace in Coalbrookdale.
    Been so many years ago, I don’t remember well.
    But I had a great time there.
    Did they repaint the bridge blue or some other colour?
    It was blue when I was there.

    • CherryPie says:

      There is an old furnace in Coalbrookdale.

      Yes the bridge has changed colour to red which EH after stripping back the paint decided was the original colour. I think it was probably the protective layer after manufacture rather than the original paint scheme, but what do I know ;-)

  2. Somewhere I have never heard of – looks fascinating. It’s great when a place’s past is preserved or acknowledged in some way. Why do people use so many daft euphemisms these days? I really do worry about what’s happening to our language!

    • CherryPie says:

      This is a place you would enjoy, there is a lot of history within the site. It links to the wider history of the area.

      The Town Park is also a place for nature lovers.