Bletchley Park

After breakfast we checked out of the hotel, taking the opportunity to mention that we had been locked out of the hotel the previous evening. The receptionist seemed unconcerned about our experience and I wasn’t convinced that the problem would be escalated to make sure it didn’t happen to anyone else. I was persistent on the matter, the receptionist then checked out the intercom button…

It didn’t work for her on the first pressing of the button but when she pressed a second time we heard the friendly ringing of a phone in the reception area. We were not convinced that the issue would be addressed and I left with the intention of writing a letter to highlight the problem, I would have felt panicky if I had been travelling alone.

Bletchley Mansion

Our destination for the day was Bletchley Park which had been on both of our ‘Too Visit’ wish lists for some time. There is so much to see at Bletchley that we had to prioritise what we wanted to see. We decided to visit the buildings that Bletchley itself had highlighted as the best places to see on a short visit.

Bletchley Code Breaking huts

This approach to us to the intelligence factory, the D Day exhibition and film, the mansion, code breaking huts including Alan Turing’s office and along the way we learned how, with maths and technology, the secret codes were cracked. We ran out of time to visit more but our tickets allow return visits for 12 months. We will be back to visit the things we missed and also revisit some of our favourite buildings.

Whilst there, we had lunch in the rather chaotic café. I found a seat in an area, that turned out to be unexpectedly noisy. An employee was pushing a trolley with a squeaky wheel was strolling to and from the dining area, collecting dirty pots.

We left Bletchley later than we intended leading us to pick up something (quick and easy) for dinner on our way home.

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  1. lisl says:

    You have the most unsettling hotel experiences, Cherie

  2. A very worrying hotel experience! Bletchley Park looks really interesting – I have never thought of visiting there so will do some research.