Sweet Honeysuckle in Reverse

22 Comments CherryPie on Mar 22nd 2023

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  1. Mark in Mayenne says:

    Good morning Chérie!

  2. A very pretty skirt with a lovely pattern :)

  3. What a bargain!
    You got two skirts for the price of one. ;)

  4. lisl says:

    I always admire your taste in skirts, Cherie. This one is So pretty

  5. Shabana says:

    Oh My you look Stunning dear Cheri !

    Loved the color and print of your outfit ,so very Elegant you look in it wow :) ))
    your smile is delightful too :)
    thank you so much for this lovely image !
    health ,peace happiness to you and loved ones

  6. Ayush says:

    always a pleasure to see smiling, happy faces, CP. thank you for this post! :)

  7. lowcarbdiabeticJan says:

    That is a lovely skirt and a great photograph of you :)

    All the best Jan

  8. Chrysalis says:

    Well, Hey, Pretty Lady, in Honeysuckle Reverse! :)

    Ya know, I didn’t know if there were actual honeysuckle in the UK until I just now looked it up how ignorant am I? (Don’t answer that lol) ;)

    They’re everywhere here in the American South, especially the mid-South, like here in Kentucky, made famous by the song “Sleep Kentucky Babe,” a lullaby first recorded in 1896, which likely no one knows nowadays but Kentuckians. My paternal grandmother used to sing this lullaby to me.

    (Unfortunately, I later learned it was initially a “plantation song,” and by that, I mean written by anonymous slaves, first recorded by a man of color, appropriated by whites who made money off it :( )

    A sad history, and yet a happy childhood memory for me, so it’s bittersweet now; nevertheless, here is that soft lullaby I was reminded of today, due to your post (which may be of historical interest to only me? lol) – from one honeysuckle gal to another, in different countries :)

    (Hoping I get my italics command right, here, apologies if I don’t ;)

    Skeeters are a humming on the honeysuckle vine, sleep Kentucky babe,
    Sandman am a’comin to this little babe of mine, sleep Kentucky babe
    Silvery moon shinin’ to the heavens up above
    Bob-o-link callin’ to his little lady love,
    You are mighty lucky, babe of old Kentucky,
    Close your eyes and sleep.
    Fly away, fly away Kentucky babe fly away to rest
    Fly away, rest your sleepy little head upon your mommy’s breast. Mmm, mmm
    Close your eyes and sleep.

    Lastly, just read your last post about the cavalry exhibit at the museum. Mark was just talking about war horses and how their training was how the sport of 3-Day-Eventing got started, his preferred way of riding – it started as a way to train horses for battle, and later, the training later became a sport, even an Olympic sport now – thanks for sharing that!

    Love you …

    • CherryPie says:

      I have previously done a post about war horses being replaced by mechanised tanks.

      I can’t easily find the link at the moment because my computer has deceased and I am waiting for my new one to arrive.

      Hopefully I will be able to retrieve the data from my hard drive.

  9. Lotta says:

    Looking good! I really like that brown bolero?

  10. How beautiful! Hope you are well Cherie and wishing you luck with your new PC

    • CherryPie says:

      Thank you:-)

      My new PC has been built as is currently undergoing testing. Hopefully it will arrive soon then I just need to get the data off my old PC.

  11. The Yum List says:

    Gosh your skirt is so pretty!