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My ultimate destination was Apley Woods and when I arrived, I was disappointed. I know at this time of year the trees are mostly bare with maybe a few buds emerging. This type of scenery has a beauty all of its own. On this visit I found that many trees and bushes had been cut down leaving parts of the woods quite barren.

Expanded View

Telford Coronation Walks

On my way to the woods I detoured, taking a route from one of the newly mapped Coronation walks that I was unfamiliar with. I walked it from memory after reading the walking guide to the route. I found this an interesting small detour from the routes I am familiar with.

PRH Helipad

I also detoured to find a car park in the local hospital. On my walks over the years, I had observed the car park from below and was never sure if it was part of the hospital car park. During mum’s recent stay in hospital, I was able to view the car park from above. One of the rooms she stayed in had the perfect view over the helipad and the car park beyond. Thankfully mum is home now.

PRH Helipad

Woodland Carvings

Woodland Carvings

Spring Growth

Long Shadows Sitting on a Bench



Before returning home I decided to visit Leegomery Pool only to find that it too was not what it used to be. A large ‘metal’ handrail added to the steps down to the pool now dominates the view.

Pathway Down

2 Comments CherryPie on Feb 27th 2024

2 Responses to “Mixed Walking”

  1. That’s good, in case one trips one will not fall straight into the pond, right?
    The Council got no where else to spend their money?
    Why not? ;)

    • CherryPie says:

      It is not likely to trip into the pond going down the steps, the steps are too shallow.

      Maybe to help less mobile to be able to access the pool via the steps rather than the nearby sloped pathway that allows easy access to everyone including mobility scooter users!!

      Who knows what goes on in the Councils head? They certainly know how to spoil a semi natural environment.

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