High Bridge

Dating back to 1160AD, Lincoln’s High Bridge is the oldest bridge in the United Kingdom to still have buildings on it.

The stone High Bridge was built around 1160, possibly replacing a wooden bridge. The first building to be built on the bridge, that is now part of Lincoln High Street, was a chapel, dedicated to Thomas Becket – a common occurance on Medieval English bridges.

This chapel was removed in the 18th century and an obelisk containing a conduit erected in its place – part of the city’s water system. The obelisk was removed in 1939 (due to concerns with its weight on the bridge) and recreated at St Marks Shopping Centre in 1996.

All that is left from the bridge’s original purposes is a short row of black and white timbered shops, dating back to around 1550.  The shops currently house Stokes High Bridge Cafe and Stokes to Go.

High Bridge Reflection

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  1. Hels says:

    Is it really the oldest high bridge in the country to still have intact buildings on top? In that case it really needs to be carefully protected.

  2. Beautiful photo with the reflection.

  3. Ayush says:

    it is quite a construction, CP. interesting to see that the rest of the buildings followed much later and over time.

  4. Shabana says:

    thanks for this my friend because i did not know until now that bridges can have buildings upon them ??
    oh this is unfamiliar to me totally

  5. Oh, Lincoln should twin with Bath then!
    Cos Pulteney Bridge there also has buildings on it.

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