Trench Middle Pool

After sorting some things out for mum I had a window of opportunity for an impromptu walk at Trench middle pool which was on my way home.

Trench Middle Pool

Trench Middle Pool

I parked my car in such a way that I needed to open the door to the full extent to avoid stepping into a puddle and half way round the walk I encountered mud. It was at this point I wished I had thought of donning the walking shoes which were in my car. I successfully negotiated the mud but as I neared my car after my walk a car pulled up next to my car. It wasn’t close but it was too close for me to open my car door wide enough to negotiate the puddle.

Telford Coronation Walk Path

I lingered a while watching the car occupants feeding the birds, hoping that they didn’t go for a walk afterwards. Thankfully they didn’t and after they left, I was able to get back in my car avoiding the puddle.

Later we visited mum and took her the things she had requested, apart from the mobile phone charger. I had searched all round the house in places I thought it might be to no avail…

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  1. Did you not see any goslings?
    I came across quite a few a couple of weeks ago.
    Mainly from Egyptian geese though.

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