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I have now completed my pledge to walk 150 miles between the 1st May and 19th June in support of the School Readers Charity. I will be able to add a few more miles to the total milage of all participants before the challenge ends.
I have now had my interview that will hopefully lead to [...]

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… in my Race for Reading walking challenge

I had a slight setback on Saturday when I had to stay at home for a parcel delivery. Mr C had once again ordered something that was due for delivery when he was out and about. The latest time for the delivery was 12.40 leaving me plenty of [...]

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The weather was glorious so we visited Hampton Court in Hope Under Dinmore, Herefordshire. We had lunch in the orangery where I chose a Coronation Chicken sandwich before taking a guided tour of the castle. After the castle tour we enjoyed a walk around the gardens which are currently between seasons.  The maze and its [...]

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A short walk with the reluctant adventurer…

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My latest walking challenge is in support of the Schoolreaders project. I aim to walk 150 miles between the 1st May and the 19th June 2023.

1 in 4 children leave primary school unable to read well? This already troubling statistic worsens when related to disadvantaged children. The inability to read when starting secondary school can [...]

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