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The Duomo of Amalfi, situated at the top of a long flight of steps, dominates the city’s main square. During the Middle Ages Amalfi was one of four powerful Maritime Republics of Italy. It traded prolifically with other countries, in particular the Orient and the Maghreb. The monument complex of the Cathedral (Duomo) is a [...]

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As mentioned in a previous post we weren’t to keen on Amalfi. We found the town too busy and touristy for our liking with lots of crocodile lines of people following tour guides. This meant that apart from photographs of the Cathedral I didn’t take many photographs in Amalfi.

“The fountain “DE CAPE ‘E CIUCCI”
This fountain [...]

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After breakfast we headed off to catch the 9.35  bus to Amalfi, which surprisingly (after our previous experiences) arrived on time! We were travelling to Amalfi so that we could catch a boat to Capri. We arrived just in time to book the 10.30 boat with a return journey. I was a little dismayed that [...]

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This morning I had forgotten to put the alarm on but, luckily, I woke up anyway. Straight after breakfast we made our way to the bus stop to try our luck at catching a bus to Amalfi. After a few minutes we learned from someone else in the queue that the bus had left seven [...]

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