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8 Comments CherryPie on Dec 18th 2012

The streets of London…

The prompt for this theme was:
let’s venture out with our cameras and capture what’s going happening On the Street.

14 Comments CherryPie on Aug 24th 2012

8 Comments CherryPie on Aug 23rd 2012

…towards the Gorge Museum.

10 Comments CherryPie on May 10th 2012

A brief history from Wiki:

In the second half of the 19th century, increased commercial development in the East End of London led to a requirement for a new river crossing downstream of London Bridge. A traditional fixed bridge could not be built because it would cut off access by tall-masted ships to the [...]

9 Comments CherryPie on Mar 2nd 2012

The proposed visit to Attingham Park that I mentioned yesterday went ahead as planned.
The weather was perfect, we (my Mum and I) arrived just before a tour of the ‘Lady Berwick Garden’ was due to take place.  It was an opportunity not to be missed.
Warden, Ron Iremonger took us on the short walk to the [...]

10 Comments CherryPie on Apr 9th 2011

He who cannot forgive breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass.
George Herbert

38 Comments CherryPie on Sep 5th 2010

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