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My latest walking challenge is in support of the Schoolreaders project. I aim to walk 150 miles between the 1st May and the 19th June 2023.

1 in 4 children leave primary school unable to read well? This already troubling statistic worsens when related to disadvantaged children. The inability to read when starting secondary school can [...]

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On our recent visit to Worcester Cathedral we passed several elephants that are part of a current art trail.
Each sculpture has been sponsored by a business and individually designed by an artist – either well-known or just starting out, from the Worcestershire area or further afield. They marched into the city on Tuesday, 13th July [...]

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Tree of Light

At the beginning of December many Rotary clubs throughout the United Kingdom launch their annual ‘Tree of Light’.  The concept of the ‘Tree of Light’ was introduced into Shropshire from South Africa in the 1990s by a county Rotarian. For many years, since its inception, my father was a member of the small committee of [...]

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Whilst I was in the office today I was busily getting on with some work when I heard someone say ‘there is a teddy bear walking past the building’.  I thought this was a rather odd thing to say and carried on working.  Then someone started to laugh and I looked up to see several [...]

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It is that time of year again for the Rotary Clubs annual ‘Tree of Light‘, where people are invited to sponsor a light on the tree in memory of a loved one, or a cause that is dear to them. The monies that are raised are given to various charities, the choices are different [...]

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We are now on the count down to Christmas and I am wondering where the year has gone…
I am also reminded of the Rotary Clubs annual ‘Tree of Light“, where people are invited to sponsor a light on the tree in memory of a loved one, or a cause that is dear to them.  The [...]

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I invite you to join me at Vision and Verb, where I talk about the ‘Tree of Light‘ giving hope and purpose at Christmas time to those who are feeling the loss of a loved one.

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