On our recent visit to Worcester Cathedral we passed several elephants that are part of a current art trail.

Each sculpture has been sponsored by a business and individually designed by an artist – either well-known or just starting out, from the Worcestershire area or further afield. They marched into the city on Tuesday, 13th July and will leave again from 5pm on Sunday, 5th September 2021. After this, there will be the chance to say a final ‘goodbye’ at a Farewell Event, before each elephant is auctioned to raise funds for St Richard’s Hospice.

The sculptures are delightful, although due to their popularity proved difficult to photograph.

10 Comments CherryPie on Aug 28th 2021

10 Responses to “Elephant Parade”

  1. We had this elephant art trail a few years ago.
    Right now, we have this lion art trail in London.

  2. lisl says:

    Finding the elephants must have been such fun. Have you seen any of Bill’s on Shutterchance?

  3. wiggiatlarge says:

    They do this in several cities nationwide, in Norwich they have been auctioning the animals for a children’s charity for some years and raised a lot of money, this picture shows the Go Go Gorillas arriving at auction on a bus.

  4. Shabana says:

    such a fascinating and lovely elephant :)

    i think art is way to express divinity and beauty of the Nature and there must be no condition to adore it whether it comes from someone as his first expression :)