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…for spotting steam trains.

It is a lovely place to visit not only do you get a guided tour that explains the history and how the mill works.  There is also opportunity to walk around the mill pools and through the surrounding woodlands which allow views of the mill from different perspectives.
There is also the opportunity [...]

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Just below the dam of the top pool at Daniels Mill you can see the ruin of an older mill. It was used until the mid 19th century and was known locally as ‘The Mill in the Hole’.

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From a signboard at Daniels Mill:

In the late 1850s the railway came to the area and the imposing Oldbury Viaduct was built.  Absorbed into the Great Western Railway in the 1870s, the mill owners were one of many small share owners of the original construction company.
The connection has been maintained, and the present miller Alan [...]

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I invite you to join me at Vision & Verb where I talk about my interesting visits to Daniels Mill and share some of its history.

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Yesterday I visited Daniels Mill which has the largest working waterwheel in England that powers a corn mill.  It is also the third largest within the UK, the largest being Laxey Wheel on the Isle of Man.  Daniels mill is a fascinating place and has been owned by the same family for 250 years.  It [...]

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