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This quarter-scale replica of The Victory’s Original Figurehead was carved by Trevor Ellis.

When first launched the Victory had a most elaborate figurehead. It symbolised the many victories that Britain had won all over the world in 1759. In the centre is a bust of King George the Third.
On the starboard side (first photo) is a [...]

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The upper floor of ‘The Victory Gallery’ houses the ‘Spirit of Figurehead’ display which showcases a wonderful collection of ship figureheads from the late 18th century.

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HMS Trafalgar:

Built as a First Rate of 120 guns at Woolwich and completed in 1841, 2694 tons. Took part in the bombardment of Sebastopol in 1854, being towed to her position in the line by the RETRIBUTION (paddle).
Converted to a two deck screw ship of 90 guns at Chatham in 1858-59 and in 1873 was [...]

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The figurehead is of the bust of Vice Admiral John Benbow, the commander-in-chief during the War of Spanish Succession in the West Indies where he subsequently died from his wounds in 1702. He wears a wig and cravat as shown in contemporary portraits. The figure wears armour and the lower part is draped in red [...]

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This figurehead (Medusa) was taken from the ship implacable.  This ship was originally named Duguay-Trouin which was a French ship that fought in the Battle of Trafalgar.  Later it was captured by the British and renamed.*

*Information taken from museum literature.

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