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We had an early breakfast sitting outside, which on this occasion wasn’t interrupted by rain. We had booked on an organised tour for the day, so after breakfast we strolled through the back streets to the bus station to pick up the minibus. Our first port of call was Trieste across the border in Italy. [...]

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Doth not nature itself teach you?
I Corinthians 11:14

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It is the weekend before my birthday and to celebrate (or is that commiserate), a short excursion was penciled in my diary a few weeks ago.  A weekend away was ruled out due to the timing of my bathroom repairs.
This time of year is always a little tricky for days out, because most places I [...]

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Synopsis (from book cover):
Now Katherine Swift, one of the most acclaimed gardening writers of her generation, takes a fresh look at the garden she created over twenty years in the grounds of Dower House at Morville, meditating on everything from the terrain and its history, to the plants and trees, and the odd habits of [...]

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The Villa Urbana was built using only tools and materials that were known to the Romans. The building of the town house had a 6 month deadline and was filmed for a Channel 4 television series called ‘Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day’. The villa is now on display to visitors of Wroxeter [...]

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