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The Kultur-und Kongresszentrum or Culture and Convention Centre when translated into English is more commonly known as the KKL Centre.

The KKL Centre was a project of French architect Jean Nouvel and built between the years 1995 to 2000.

The Culture and Convention Center in Lucerne is composed of three parts: a concert hall, conference rooms [...]

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He who knows others is wise; but he who knows himself is enlightened.

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I woke refreshed after a good nights sleep. The breakfast choice was good and there were different seating areas to choose from including the balcony option.
After breakfast we took a leisurely walk along the lake past the Hofkirche, taking in the views of Pilatus on our way towards the Lion Monument.  We stopped for [...]

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The good, of course is always beautiful, and the beautiful never lacks proportion.

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