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We set off later than we intended, stopping at Warwick services for lunch. The place was heaving, so we picked up some sandwiches and drinks for an in-car picnic before continuing on our journey, which took us to a small village called Brill. Brill was Tolkien’s inspiration for the village of Bree in Lord of [...]

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My medal for completing the first stage of my Lord of the Rings challenge has arrived. I promise to try to keep the ring secret and safe until I can throw it into the fires of Mount Doom. I am making good progress on the next stage of my journey which takes me to the [...]

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Before lunch I visited Wellington to pick up a copy of the ‘Walking With Giants’ walking trail booklet that has recently been published by Wellington LA 21 Group. I found it a bit of a challenge figuring out how to gain access to the Council Offices where I had been advised that I would be [...]

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This YouTube video of Howard Shore talking about the making of the Lord of the Rings Symphony is very interesting if you have the time and like this type of music. The embedding code keeps magically vanishing so click here to view it on YouTube.

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