Walking With Giants Booklet Cover

Before lunch I visited Wellington to pick up a copy of the ‘Walking With Giants’ walking trail booklet that has recently been published by Wellington LA 21 Group. I found it a bit of a challenge figuring out how to gain access to the Council Offices where I had been advised that I would be able to obtain the booklet. I reticently pressed the intercom button on what seemed to be the most likely place to gain access and explained why I was there. I was greeted with a warm welcome and almost immediately someone came to the door with booklet in hand.

Apley Pool

Apley Pool

I wasn’t able to read all of the booklet before it was time for me to join another Ramblers ‘Walking for Wellbeing’ walk, this time starting in Wellington. Three levels of walk were on offer and I opted for the walk that could split into a shorter version half way through if I thought the longer walk was too much.

The leader set off at a speedy pace towards Apley Woods leaving me to walk alongside another walk leader a few paces behind the rest of the group. We caught up with the main group when they paused to look at some goslings next to the lake. There was talk of taking photos for the FaceBook page and wondering if they would be good enough. I offered to take some on my camera and produced it from my bag to exclamations of ‘a real camera’ and ‘are you a professional?’.

Apley Pool

Apley Pool

Then we were back on our speedy way with no time to take in our surroundings, the potential splitting the walk into two walks had been forgotten along the way. I enjoyed the conversations with my walking companion, we walked past both our houses and found that we had many other common connections.

Platinum Jubilee Finisher certificate - 70 miles

This walk saw me complete my first ‘Lord of the Rings’ challenge, walking from the Shire to Bree and also my 70 miles for ‘The Queens Platinum Jubilee’ challenge (both medals yet to be dispatched). Now I just need to complete my pledged 100 miles for May’s ‘National Walking Month’.

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