The Adventure Begins

We set off later than we intended, stopping at Warwick services for lunch. The place was heaving, so we picked up some sandwiches and drinks for an in-car picnic before continuing on our journey, which took us to a small village called Brill. Brill was Tolkien’s inspiration for the village of Bree in Lord of the Rings.

A Little Bit of Magic

Much to the bemusement of the locals I had my photograph taken with my Shire medal from my recently completed walking challenge. Afterward, as we we were driving along the motorway a Red Kite swooped down, swooping back up only just in time to miss hitting our car. Phew!

Sir Christopher Wren

On arrival in Windsor we found the Hotel’s offsite car park then made our way to the hotel, Sir Christopher Wren to check in. We took our suitcases to the room before setting off for a cuppa and a walk around Windsor.

Back at the hotel we freshened up before dinner at The Boatman, a place we had dined on a previous visit to Windsor. We had a pre-dinner Prosecco whilst waiting for our food to arrive. Unfortunately the waiter got Mr C’s order wrong and the Roast Beef he ordered arrived as a Roast Chicken portion which he particularly did not want. There were no more roast meals left so he settled for fish and chips instead. There was no real apology, discount or sweetener for the error.

Windsor Bridge

We returned to the hotel bar in order to use the free drinks vouchers we had received for making our hotel reservation direct with the hotel. The bar staff said the bar would be shutting early because it wasn’t very busy that night. This was to the dismay of at least 10 people who turned up just before the bar shut at 10 o’clock.


10 Comments CherryPie on Jun 12th 2022

10 Responses to “Windsor – Day One”

  1. Ayush says:

    a day of much excitement then, CP. i like your photo. the meal was probably a bit disappointed especially if there is something on offer one specifically does not want. an engaging post with the photos.

  2. Ginnie Hart says:

    (sigh) I suppose Ted takes it all in stride, good and bad both? I suppose you do, too.

  3. lisl says:

    You pay for things to go more smoothly than this, Cherie

  4. Well done on the medal. Looking forward to seeing more photos of the Windsor area but what a shame about the wrong meal appearing :(

  5. Did Teddy meet Padding Bear and the Queen?
    I was not invited for their afternoon tea session. ;)

    • CherryPie says:

      He and we were not invited for tea, even though Ted has much better manners on a formal occasion.

      The Queen was probably too busy with her Jubilee celebration ;-)

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