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The first hint of Charles Wade is seen even before entering the house: the post-box to the left of the door carries his coat of arms together with his motto NEQUID PEREAT, which means ‘Let nothing perish’. The phrase not only reflects the purpose of the collection but also the way in which Wad went [...]

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Built in the 15th century and extended several times since, Snowshill Manor owes its current form to many people but above all to Charles Paget Wade, who restored it to house his collection, displaying what were to him the essentials of colour, design and craftsmanship.
Nestling in  the head of a Cotswold valley, Snowshill Manor has [...]

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Life presents us with sunshine if we remember to look.

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After breakfast we checked out and Mum got chatting to the receptionist.  The topic of her broken leg cropped up and it turned out that the receptionist who was from Brisbane had been working as a physiotherapist before taking time off to go travelling. Her travelling has currently paused whilst she is working in Salisbury.
We [...]

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All the effects of Nature are only the mathematical consequences of a small number of immutable laws.
Pierre Simon de Laplace (1749 – 1827)

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The prompt for this weeks theme was:
An Entrance.
But to where?
Sometimes, they are
just so beautiful.
This week, pay attention to
Where will they take you?
What will you find on the other side?

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Nothing of value is free.  Even the breath of life is purchased at birth only through gasping effort and pain.
Robert A. Heinlein

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