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I was pleased when my recently ordered board game arrived a day or two earlier than expected. Not having to wonder if a parcel might arrive meant that I could enjoy an afternoon walk in the sunshine.

I chose to walk along Hurley Brook which can be linked to a pathway that leads to Hadley Locks. [...]

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Today, there was a need for me to visit (just visiting) my local hospital, several times. In between visits we had lunch in the Furnace Kitchen at Coalbrookdale where I chose a croissant filled with butternut squash, caramelized onion and Feta cheese. It was delicious.
Currently many routes to Coalbrookdale are subjected to roadworks and closure. [...]

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A short walk in Ironbridge with Mr C. There maybe a photo of me if he chooses to release it from his camera.

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I stepped out of my door into brilliant sunshine for an afternoon walk. As I closed the door a few drops of rain started to fall even though the sky was mostly blue, they soon dried up. I chose a familiar route that I have not walked for a while with the potential to explore [...]

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