Leegomery Pools

I stepped out of my door into brilliant sunshine for an afternoon walk. As I closed the door a few drops of rain started to fall even though the sky was mostly blue, they soon dried up. I chose a familiar route that I have not walked for a while with the potential to explore other pathways along the way.

By the time I reached Leegomery pools the promising blue sky had turned several shades of grey without a hint of blue to be seen. I lingered a while enjoying the view over the pools and made my decision to take the shortest route back home.

It started to gently rain, a few minutes later the wind blew up and the rain got more intense. A few minutes later, rain was dripping of the peak brim of my weatherproof coat. By the time I got home my trousers were soaked but the rest of me was dry. I fumbled for my house key, water dripping from the brim of my hat into my bag. The key (as always) had mysteriously relocated to the bottom of my bag.

Key retrieved, I opened the door, at which point the rain stopped and the sun came out!

As I stepped inside Mr C poked his head out of the room where he was ‘working from home’ and we both burst out laughing at my watery predicament.

4 Comments CherryPie on Mar 12th 2021

4 Responses to “Capricious Weather”

  1. Ayush says:

    it is just one of those days!

  2. shabana says:

    that clouds conspiracy made me laugh dear Cheri

    such things happen and surprise us sometimes i so agree