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We arrived at breakfast to find that it was ‘to order’ as starters and mains. Everything was there although perhaps not in quite the right order for me personally. I opted for the American stacked pancakes with berries. The breakfast room was a little chaotic, so rather than linger at the table we returned to [...]

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Feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep, it was time for breakfast. The cooked-to-order breakfast was delicious although I missed my fresh fruit options for a pre-breakfast starter.
After breakfast Mr C attended Vapnartak 2020 (a wargames show). It was my plan to walk York City walls whilst he was enjoying his hobby and despite the [...]

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Lincoln Castle is unusual in having two keeps and a complete curtain wall,

and its highly strategic position has given it a continuing historical importance. The site of battles and sieges and some complicated medieval wheeling and dealing, it is also a major centre of administration and justice, containing a former prison building and a working [...]

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…Easter Eve

Before the alarm went off I awoke to the feeling of a warm presence holding my hands and squeezing them… Soon afterwards the pleasant sound of the Cathedral bells resumed chiming the hours and quarters after being silent overnight.

Breakfast was in the Garden room, although we didn’t see much of the garden due to [...]

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No day out is complete without some kind of hitch and Saturday was no different. I have got used to scaffolding obscuring my view so that didn’t worry me too much, in fact it becomes a bit of a challenge to get some decent photographs.
To have more time for exploring I decided it was [...]

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